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iEmoji 1.1

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iEmoji v1.1 | Download
Users have different views when it comes to the iPhone keyboard. Some think it is really intuitive and brings some interesting mechanics to the device, while others believe it is one of things that bring the iPhone down and really hinder it. Whichever side you choose on the situation, one issue that I think most of us can agree on is that it really stinks not having access to Emoji also known as emoticons. For a device that is claiming to be on the cutting edge of technology, it has seemingly forgotten a crucial part of today's online culture... emoticons.

But Apple didn't forget, in fact, if you live in Japan, these little smiley faces are enabled by default on your device. So why did everyone else get the shaft? Beats me. But there is an app that can enable these on your device.
It's really easy to do and if you have a desire to spread the love across your emails, check iEmoji out. The app installs on your device and once you open it, it enables the Emoji. You have to turn on Japanese emoji in your keyboard settings, but once you do, they are completely accessable.

There are a few problems that come up with these emoji. They can only be viewed by other iPhones or iPod Touches in the safari browser. Trying to text these or send them across email to someone without an Apple touch device, they will only show up as squares. So if you do not send emails to your friends across phones and want them for texting or computer email, your frankly out of luck. But for those who spend a ton of time emailing between devices, check this out. It will work fine for you.

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