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Packing 3.6.2

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Packing v3.6.2 | Download
You too can learn to love packing, as I now do. Having traveled the world for over 20 years, I have come to the understanding that packing well, and especially, packing lightly, is one of the most important factors in achieving a successful and enjoyable trip. This iPhone App can be your very own personal, dedicated packing assistant. It can help you better manage your travel packing needs and expectations.


- unlimited user-customizable packing lists
- completely customizable master catalog
- several Sample Lists to give you ideas and suggestions, i.e. typical male, typical female, light and super light
- ability to use any list (sample or your own) as a template for future lists
- hundreds of easily selectable items to enable quick list generation with only minimal typing
- extensive pre-departure TO DO list with over 100 items and actions
- optional user-defined categories, types, items and TO DO actions for more customized freedom and control
- item detail records: number, weight, value and notes
- instantly compute list totals and subtotals for weight and value
- ability to checkmark items that have already been prepared and/or packed
- running tally of total items per category, as well as how many of them are checked off (prepared already), for easy reference
- collapsable categories for less scrolling (now, with memory!)
- show only items that are packed or unpacked, or show them all
- sort items by Type or Item, or sort them by hand yourself
- ability to send your completed packing lists to email
- ability to import and export packing lists and the Master Catalog (or parts of them) between apps (i.e. Packing to Packing Pro, or vice versa)
- ability to import and export content between devices (i.e. iPhone to iPhone, iPod Touch to iPhone, etc.) (*with the help of one of several available free, 3rd-party apps)

This light app can help you pack light by eliminating waste and redundancy. It's ideal for the die hard backpacker, packing fanatic, student on Spring Break, vacation to Disneyland, Epcot Center or other Disney or National Parks, city trips (London, Paris, Rome, New York, Las Vegas, etc) or even the casual vacationer. It's also recommended for users of FlightTrack, Airfare, Flight Update, Tipulator, LocalEats, Zagat, Rocket Taxi, Currency Exchange, Translate it!, iLINGUA+ and other phrasebooks, or any of the Lonely Planet, Walt Disney, subway or map apps out there.

Let Packing free you from the worries and traditional drudgery of packing, and remember, a happy traveler is one who travels with a light bag. Good luck, and have fun!

If you desire even more customization control and Expert packing assistance, consider Packing Pro:

PRO FEATURES (in Packing Pro):

- Expert list generation based on number of adults (males & females), number of children, number of days, temperature and destination, as well as preferences for food preparation and clothes washing
- twice as many sample packing lists (now 8), including ones for couples, families, business people and campers
- customizable user interface. This includes packing list layout choices, font choices, and nearly full control of all the colors in the app (check out the screenshots!)
- better organization and navigation between sections (Packing, Catalog, Design)

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later

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