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TeleScreen 1.1

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TeleScreen v1.1 | Download
Phantombility's TeleScreen enables IPhone/IPod Touch to view the entire desktop of a remote PC in realtime. Your device will become a small PC monitor. It provides a quick and simple solution to peek what's going on your PC.

Use Senarios:
- Free you from sitting in front of a PC in a lengthy operation such as software download, install, and Multimedia content transcoding.
- Peek if your kid is using computer to do homework or doing online chatting.

How to use:
- Download and install TeleScreen daemon (Free) software from www.phantombility.com.
- Install the daemon on the PC side. (Mac version coming soon)
- Start the daemon and wait for TeleScreen Applet on IPhone to connect.
- Once the connection is made, the TeleScreen Applet on IPhone side will keep update you with the lastest desktop UI change without user intervene.

- Support all Windows OS (XP, Vista, Server)
- View remote desktop with any resolution and any color configuration
- Landscape or portrait mode
- Fast capture and streaming
- Simple and lightweight to check PC status
- Free PC side daemon software

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

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