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Yoodle - A Social Drawing Game 2.0

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Yoodle - A Social Drawing Game v2.0 | Download
Yoodle is moving over to a paid version. This means we can provide a better service to you, and keep the quality of Yoodling higher. Check the news section in the app for more exciting info!

Yoodle is a social drawing game that connects your doodles with other Yoodle users around the world.

You all take a turn in drawing a body part in secret, and then Yoodle stitches them together to create hilarious results!

The idea is simple. One person draws a head, one person draws a body, and one person draws some legs - but you don't see what everyone else has drawn until all 3 parts are complete.

You can choose to start a fresh Yoodle by drawing a head, or continue someone else's Yoodle and you'll be connected to the Yoodle servers and a body part will be delivered for you to complete.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

Wopiti Words 1.0

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Wopiti Words v1.0 | Download
Wopiti Words is an addictive word game. Find all the possible words using the six letters provided on each round. Play by yourself or against players from all over the world in real-time.

* Thousands of verified, solvable puzzles. Only real words, no abbreviations or proper names.

* Three different difficulty levels based on how common each word is in the English language.

* Saves your game state when you leave the game. Quickly resumes where you left off.

* No network connection is required for one player mode.

* Multiplayer mode works over WiFi, 3G or EDGE.

* Game statistics, high scores and global rankings.

* Enable or disable sound effects at any time. Play while on a phone call. Listen to your music while you play.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later

Tornado Alley 1.0

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Tornado Alley v1.0 | Download
The place is overrun with critters, tilt your iPhone/iPod Touch to guide the tornado and send them spinning in the sky. They fall back down so move fast!
Hint, each critter has a small 8 X 8 pixel area that the tornado tip must touch.
Your score is based on how fast you can get all of the critters off of the landscape.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later

Tap Forms - Personal Database 1.6

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Tap Forms - Personal Database v1.6 | Download
Securely keep track of everything in your life with the ultimate iPhone database app. Tap Forms uses strong AES-256 bit encryption. So strong it required US government approval to export!

Easily import data from your Mac or PC using the built-in Tap Forms FTP server. Email your records including photos and audio notes. Export to a text file and transfer to your Mac or PC.

Upload PDFs, Word, Excel, and other documents for viewing on the go.

Includes more than 25 built-in forms, such as:
• Audio dictation
• Bank accounts
• Credit & debit cards
• Daily journal
• Frequent flyer numbers
• Health insurance
• Homework assignments
• Loyalty cards
• Personal health cards
• Security alarm codes
• Serial numbers
• Vehicle insurance
• Website accounts

Create custom forms such as home inventory, music and movie collections, favorite wines, etc.

Provides 15 field types including:

• Email address
• GPS location
• Contact
• Text
• Date
• Time
• Date & time
• Number
• Rating
• Web site address
• Check mark
• Note
• Audio/Voice recorder
• Photo
• Phone numbe

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

Reversi Plus 1.9

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Reversi Plus v1.9 | Download
Reversi (marketed by Pressman under the trade name Othello) is an abstract strategy board game which involves play by two parties on an eight-by-eight square grid with pieces that have two distinct sides. Pieces typically appear coin-like, with a light and a dark face, each side representing one player. The goal for each player is to make pieces of their color constitute a majority of the pieces on the board at the end of the game, by turning over as many of their opponent's pieces as possible.

1. Change iPhone's AI Level ( 1 -> 7 )
2. Change chessboard's background picture at anytime, even when you playing.
3. Save and manage your game scores.
4. Review / Replay your game scores, with this feature, you can learn how the iPhone to play game.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later

Photo Aquarium 1.0

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Photo Aquarium v1.0 | Download
“Feed fishes by the photos you take”
“Photo Aquarium” a game growing tropical fishes, is now packaged for iPhone and iPod Touch!

What is “Photo Aquarium”?
“Photo Aquarium” is a Japanese game application for mobile phones remarkably delivered in the U.S. also.
The function in iPhone version of “Photo Aquarium” has been improved substantially.

Game Overview
This is a nurturing simulation game. The goal is to breed new species by taking care of your fishes.
This game has an innovative function that you can use photos you take by iPhone or images in the data folder of your iPod Touch.
How would you like to see your beautiful fishes swimming on your favorite image in your iPhone?

Description 1: Usage of Camera and Image Data
When you execute “Feed”, a camera will be activated in the game and you will see a shooting screen. The photos you take will be installed in the game.
There will be no difficulty for you since the camera function will be activated as one of the game commands.
In the case of iPod Touch, you will be able to “feed” by reading the saved image data.

Description 2: Breeding
Your fishes will discern the colors of installed images and eat the parts with their favorite colors. If your fish is red for instance, the fish will like the red parts of the photo. You can enjoy watching how they eat your photos.
When your fishes grow smoothly, they will produce eggs. The newborn fish specie will be influenced by the parents’ species and the colors that the parents had been fed.

Description 3: Rearing
When you feed new images, the environment in the game (including the water temperature, water quality and brightness) will change depending on what kind of colors you feed.
You will need to maintain your fishes’ health by using the maintenance function in the game.
If you maintain well, your fishes will live longer and you will be able to enjoy watching variety of fishes be born.

Description 4: Fish Species
There are 128 types of fishes in “Photo Aquarium”, including the ones with different colors.
In the 128 types, there are 4 types of fishes that you will not be able to receive information of in the game. You will need to be creative to get these fishes.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation) Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

JetSet Expenses 1.2.1

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JetSet Expenses v1.2.1 | Download
JetSet Expenses is unlike any other business travel expense tracking and reporting software available for the iPhone. JetSet Expeness is full of features and fun and easy to use allowing you to enter expenses as they happen.


-Quick expense category selection with JetSet’s unique visual icons. 15 major expense categories and 100+ sub-expense categories allowing you to easily choose and classify expenses without typing.

- JetSet Expenses now supports up to 6 different customizable payment types. You can now mark your individual expense with the credit card of your choice.

- Worried that you are losing money on your trip? JetSet keeps track of your personal balance based on the expenses you paid for versus what expenses are allowances to you.

- Ability to mark expenses as billable. Now if you travel for others you can keep track of expenses so you can easily bill your client later when you’re back at the office.

- Ability to mark expenses as reimbursable. The company often purchases expenses such as airline tickets for you. You need to track them as part of your expense report. JetSet Expenses makes this simple.

- Complete mileage support. You can set up allowances for business, medical, charity and one you define. You can use the build in mileage editor to easily track the odometer readings as required by tax authorities around the world.

- Detailed expense reporting capabilities providing expense category summaries and itemized detail for meals, mileage, entertainment and all other expense categories.

- Multiple reporting options are available as well. Options for a full reporting, summary reporting and payment type based reporting. Change the options to suit your need.

- Support for your iPhone international settings. JetSet Expenses now respects your local currency and local date formatting.

- Built in business calculator with percent key that can be used to record expense amounts and split expenses, and can be used as a stand-alone calculator within the program.

- Built in Airline, Hotel and Rental Car databases with one-touch connectivity via telephone or the web -- don’t worry these contacts won’t get merged into your address book!

- Built in one-touch camera feature for photographing receipts for individual expenses. Photos are stored with individual expenses and added to your photo gallery and will sync with your PC or Macintosh using iTunes or your favorite Windows program.

- Expense comments section provides one-touch access to the iPhone Address Book allowing user to select names associated with business expense receipts for all expense types.

- Smart Start/End Dates that change as you enter and delete expenses.

- Improved user interface with features that do not get in your way. You can enter as much or as little data as you need.

- Compatibility with Google Spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel and Numbers using a single cut and paste to copy data.

- Complete support for uploading, sharing, and storing and editing expense reports using Goggle Spreadsheet.

- Complete support for emailing your expense reports using the built in iPhone mail client.

- Support for simultaneously tracking multiple expense reports including global views providing individual report totals.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

iScattergun 1.0.0

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iScattergun v1.0.0 | Download
iScattergun is a ultra realistic gun simulator application for iPhone and iPod touch.

Pull the slide and touch the trigger. As you expect, it makes a loading sound and a gunshot sound. And of course, it shows gun fire, smoke and even an ejected shot shell!

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone 2.2 Software Update

Hoopin 1.1

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Hoopin v1.1 | Download
Hoopin' is a simple but fun side view basketball game. The controls are easy, just swipe your finger on the screen to throw a ball. The game includes a number of modes (with more to come in future updates) that challenge your accuracy and speed. There is also a free play mode where you can come up with your own game or just practice shooting hoops. Hoopin' features a realistic physics engine, so expect the ball to interact properly with the hoop and the backboard.

Happy Hoopin'

In order to take a proper shot, you must follow these steps:
1. Put your finger in the shooting region, best in the lower left
2. Move your finger in the direction you would like to throw the ball
3. Release your finger WITHIN the shooting region

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

Fire Tail 2.2.0

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Fire Tail v2.2.0 | Download
Fire Tail is a great addition to the Qix family of games where you fight over the territory with "guard monsters" and CPU controlled players.

In order to complete a level you have to conquer at least 15% of the territory and visit over 50% of map checkpoints.

To take over a block of the territory you need to make a connection between either the wall or an area you've already captured.

At the end of every level you get 1 bonus health point for every 15% of the territory under your control. You lose 1 health point every time a monster hits you or your tail or you cross your own or other player's tail.


1. Tilt, Swipe and D-PAD control modes.
2. Slow, Medium and Fast game speeds.
3. Pause, Exit and Stop.
4. Crazy retro sounds.
5. Balanced game play with tons of bonuses.
6. Checkpoints.
7. Four types of monsters.
8. CPU controlled players - bots.
9. Two types of weapons.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone 2.1 Software Update

Electric Smoke 1.41

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Electric Smoke v1.41 | Download
Tried to quit countless time and it never worked because the urge to inhale was just to strong?

Here is your solution. Electric Smoke for the iPhone features a complete and realistic smoking simulation with physically based computation of smoke and countless statistics that will help you to see the daily benefits of a life without smoking.

Electric Smoke is so realistic, that you won‘t feel the difference between a real cigarette and the iPhone simulation. Well - we‘re still working on the smell :-).

It‘s so realistic - it is even possible to ignite the cigarette by using the Sonic Lighter from Smule. Or light other cigarettes with your already burning cigarette. All that is possible through the phenomenal sonic transmission technology built into Electric Smoke.

But Electric Smoke is a game as well - challenge your friends who has the bigger lungs - who can smoke faster and who can smoke more. Without ever fearing for your good health.

+ Realistic, physically based smoke simulation
+ Breath detection through the iPhone Microphone
+ Smoke faster if you breath in harder
+ Fantastic Full Screen Anti Aliased 3D Graphics
+ Countless Statistics
+ Ignition of other Apps through sonic transmission
+ Smoke Cigars, Cigarettes or Hand Rolleds
+ Control the smoke through touching the screen.
+ Displays random facts on the bad consequences of smoking
+ Smoke density is adjustable through the iPhone settings menu.
+ Throw ashes by tipping your iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later

Diamond Hunter 1.1

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Diamond Hunter v1.1 | Download
Everybody knows what diamonds are. Surely diamonds are meant for adorning and...fun! Due to Diamond Hunter game one can become an owner of a large diamond! You do not have to be one of the wealthiest man in the world to enjoy the game with such luxury stones. With the help of Diamond Hunter game you have diamonds at your disposal; and these stones are given to you so as to help you complete large quantity of game levels...

What you need to do? You have walls, springs, teleports, conveyors which you can drag. The diamond must collect icons and get into the basket. To start play or reset tap on diamond-holder.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later

DecisionMaker 3in1 v1.0

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DecisionMaker 3in1 v1.0 | Download
DecisionMaker is a fun iPhone application to help you decide when you are in trouble or when you would like to know what the fate you reserve. Start DecisionMaker and choose the wheel you want to interview, use your finger to activate the movement of rotation, wait, and discover your fate! You can choose from 9 different wheels to take decisions in which you’d like to doubts and that your fate will show the way.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

Crocodile Dentist - Drinking game 1.06

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Crocodile Dentist - Drinking game v1.06 | Download
The goal of the game is to “extract” the teeth from a crocodile toy by pushing them. If the “sore tooth” is pushed, the mouth will snap shut, and the person who caused the mouth to shut is the loser.

If you want again game, just shake your iPhone or iPod touch. next version will be changed design, modify teeth size to easily touch them. and sound On, Off.

Consumed 1.4.2

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Consumed v1.4.2 | Download
Consumed is an Ataxx style strategy board game where you try to dominate the board by replacing your opponents pieces with your own. It takes only minutes to learn how to play but hours to master.

Each player starts with two pieces. You can either clone one of your pieces by moving it into an open adjacent tile or you can jump into an open tile one space away. If you move to a tile adjacent to an opponent's piece your piece will consume their piece. But be careful not to leave an empty hole for your opponent to take advantage of!

- Simple, intuitive controls. Just slide your finger to move
- Play against your iPhone / iPod or challenge a friend
- Progressive AI - more you win the better it plays
- Choose from nine backgrounds or pick your own
- Board Styles: Pick the color, texture and opacity of the board
- Obstacles! Choose to have "solid spaces" you must maneuver around
- Automatically saves your game in progress

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

Belowscape 1.10

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Belowscape v1.10 | Download
Fast paced action game inspired by Robotron, Smash TV, Crimsonland, and Geometry Wars.

"Belowscape is a very fun game that needs no great investment of your time or thought, and aims to provide fulfilling, if simple, fun."

"Control options work very well and in my opinion are the best of their type available on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform."
*Excellent Control Methods
*Sleek, Attractive Look & Style
Game Forward score: 4/5
-Game Forward


The relentless legions of glowing rectangles, circles, pentagons and whatnot are after a lone ship in the depths of the retrospace.

Belowscape casts you to pilot that heroic ship. Dodge, thrust and let the photon blasters sing to send those geometric things to the abyss.

Your mission is simple: SURVIVE


Default control method:

-Tilt the device to move. Lay it flat to not move.
-Touch the screen to change the firing direction. No need to keep your finger on the screen all the time.
(If this does not feel right for you go to options > controls menu and change the controls to suit you)

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

American Idol Season 8 Exclusive Videos v1.0.1

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American Idol Season 8 Exclusive Videos v1.0.1 | Download
The official app for this season’s American Idol top finalists in their pursuit of a major recording contract and the coveted title of American Idol.

A must have for bios, info and EXCLUSIVE weekly videos found nowhere else!

Each week, you'll learn more about your favorite Idols with a new video from every remaining contestant. That’s more than 77 original videos right through the Finale! You can't find these videos anywhere else.

You can also predict the order of who stays and who gets voted off. As you track your favorite contestants’ progress, you are just one touch away from their songs in iTunes.

Part of The Zumobi Network, and presented in partnership with FremantleMedia Enterprises, 19 Entertainment, and Fox Broadcasting Corporation.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update

Agile Messenger 1.0.1

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Agile Messenger v1.0.1 | Download
Agile Messenger is the premium iPhone Instant Messaging client, for professionals who need a mobile IM client that can be relied upon as a serious communication tool.

Agile Messenger meets this need, by providing a stable, reliable, feature rich and intuitive experience, with seamless access to MSN®, Yahoo!®, AIM®, ICQ®, GoogleTalk® and Jabber from your iPhone.


- Always-on connectivity while you use other iPhone apps.

- Apple’s Push Notification (OS 3.0), or IM to Email notification for incoming IM messages.

- Instant Voice and Picture Messaging to any IM contact.

- Cut & paste

- Landscape keyboard

Instant Messaging:

Connect to your MSN®, Yahoo!®, ICQ®, AIM® and GoogleTalk® buddy lists all at the same time and send and receive instant messages while out on the road.

Push to Talk:

Use your phone as a walkie-talkie and send instant voice messages to any of your MSN®, Yahoo®, ICQ®, AOL® and Google Talk® buddies.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

Turkey Hunter 3D 1.1.0

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Turkey Hunter 3D v1.1.0 | Download
Save the day from the Turkey Invasion! Play through ten separate levels of eye-popping 3D animated graphics and sneaky turkeys. Test your shooting skills as the turkey horde invades the farmyard, the suburbs and even the city. Clear as many turkeys as you can before the clock runs out. The high score wins. Let's just hope it's not the Turkeys with the high score, or Thanksgiving will never be the same!

We listened to the Users and Reviewers and implemented their suggestions. New in this version:

1. 789% more humor, we've added jokes everywhere.
2. Shooting feedback with richer scoring.
3. Tons of new unique animations and gags.
4. Doubled the game size to 10 separate levels, including a Secret Cow Tipping Level.
5. New Option Screen feature with New and Powerful weapons, and sound control.
6. Stereo Sound.
7. Many more Cows.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

Turbo Duck 1.0

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Turbo Duck v1.0 | Download
Turbo Duck is a fun arcade game in which you guide “Turbo Duck” around a Pool in order to collect flags (gain extra time with each flag) while avoiding the toy boats, submarines, mines and other hazards which fill the pool. When time gets short make use of your Duck's turbo boost for extra speed but be careful – you only get three turbos per game so don't waste them.


20 Levels of bath-time fun
Bobbing boats
Submerging (and surfacing) submarines
Exploding mines
Bonus Bread (Ducks like bread!)
and more.....

iVampires 400 Nobility 1.06

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iVampires 400 Nobility v1.06 | Download
Sink your teeth into the greatest Vampire MMO for the iphone/ipod touch! Destroy humanity and build your vampire army!

User reviews

"Amazing way better than Undead LIVE! " #1northpaw


* FREE Massive Online multi player RPG for the iPhone AND the iPod Touch!
* FREE updates with new missions, weapons, and gifts from The Ancients!
* Invite your friends to join your Clan via GPS, WiFi, and friend codes
* Months of Game play
* Destroy online rivals
* Real time news feed
* World wide high score boards
* Comment on profiles and send bulletins to your Clan
* Mark your enemies for death with a cash bounty
* Bite rivals and drain their life force

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later

iGamePack - 7 for 1 v1.0.1

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iGamePack - 7 for 1 v1.0.1 | Download
Seven great arcade games in one! This value pack “iGamePack” offers seven arcade-games in one for quick and enjoyable gaming.
Running, jumping, racing, smashing, skipping, driving, and dodging. Each game is unique and ready to be picked up and played.
All seven games are so easy yet extra fun that you can pick any one of them up and play as you walk, run, jump and dodge.

iGamePack has 9 characters in total for you to play and each of them has different abilities and items to tackle the gaming gauntlet of seven games, while unifying the seven games together.

Try to complete each mission in all 7games in this lite version of iGamePack. Missions: Trampoline(300m), Skip hop(100 count), Rumble run(100points), Krazy road(200m), invasion(100points), snake(100points), Block breaker(complete 3 stages)

It’s easy to pick up and play but very hard to let go.

• Seven arcade games: Trampoline, Skip Hop, Rumble Run, Block Breaker, Crazy Road, Invasion, Snake
• 9 types of characters, all with different abilities and skills

Other Com2uS Games Crazy Hotdogs Crazy Hotdogs Lite Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor Trapped: Undead Infection Trapped: Undead Infection lite 9innings iGamePack: 7 for 1

Other Com2uS games:

The Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor
Crazy Hotdogs
Crazy Hotdogs Lite
Trapped: Undead Infection
9 Innings: pro baseball 2009

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

iFart Mobile 1.20

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iFart Mobile v1.20 | Download
iFart Mobile is the ORIGINAL Digital Sound Machine and entertainment system which brings endless laughs and enjoyment to its users. But iFart is much more than that. iFart has more utility, usefulness and functionality than many other iPhone apps out there.

In spite of competitors coming against us because of our fart superiority (note the vengeful 1-star ratings by a handful of jealous developers), we hold a SOLID 3-star rating! Yes, they are trying to influence your fart machine choice, but we know you are too smart for that!

So here are just a few of the useful, one of a kind features of iFart.


iPhones and pdas are stolen on a daily basis, but if you are using iFart's advanced security system you can stop criminals right in their tracks.

And when thieves try to snatch your phone, they'll be in for a shock when they're blasted by your chosen sound effect. Most criminals know how to lie, but "it wasn't me" isn't going to work with iFart.

Call the authorities and send these iphone stealing scumbags off to the gas chamber.


The sneak attack function can literally save your life. Let's say that you're in a warehouse gun battle. Bad guys are closing in on you, but if you only had a distraction, you could escape.

Sneak Attack is that distraction. Simply pull out your iPhone choose a sound effect and set the timer up to 30 seconds. Then place your phone in a strategic location and move silently away. When the Sneak Attack goes off, slip away or take out the bad guys when they reach for their noses.

Jack Bauer, the Navy Seals and over 20 Swat Teams are already using Version 2.0 of Sneak Attack.


The World Today is a very stressful place. Stress causes medical problems, eating disorders, drug addiction, and leads to divorce and broken homes.

If only there was an internationally recognized sound that alleviates stress, brings laughter, lowers blood pressure, clears a room, helps bring peace to the middle east and is enjoyed by both Democrats and Republicans.

Well Folks... there is.. and it's FART NOW. Simply scroll to your preferred sound effect and hit Fart Now. The World will be a better place.


Please use OS 2.1 or above.
Make sure you are not set on vibrate
Make sure your volume is turned up.
Make sure your phone is not muted on side
Reinstall and Reboot

Please reboot after update if any issues.

To the reviewers with "No Sound" issues, please check the above before posting a review, or contact us directly if there's a problem.


As a proud iFart Mobile owner, you are entitled to FREE updates every time we add new features. We've got some great stuff coming your way, so download this app now and let the fun flatulent fun begin!

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation) Requires iPhone 2.1 Software Update

iBoat Challenge 1.0

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iBoat Challenge v1.0 | Download
Time Challenge - Compete against the clock. Hitting the wall adds two extra seconds to your time so drive carefully. Enable automatic time registration to instantly see your world rank.

Sudden death - Compete against the wall. Hitting the wall means game over. Instantly see where you rank against the rest of the world! If two players are tied, the best time counts!

Tilt your iPhone to control the boat! Forward means more speed, backward means less speed. Left and right mean - you guessed it - steering to the left and right.

Tap the screen for an extra turbo charge. The turbo is unlimited, but use it carefully, in Sudden Death mode, using the turbo could mean instant GAME OVER.

Recommended for fans of iCopter and other precision racing games.

You are most welcome to help improve the game! Suggestions for new levels, music, sounds or even game modes can be sent to info [at] traduko.se

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation) Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later

Griddler Puzzle 1.1

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Griddler Puzzle v1.1 | Download
Griddler Puzzle is a one Well-Known Picture Drawing Puzzle! You have to use the number that displayed on the top and left of the Board to solve the Puzzle! And Guess What?

While you are solving the Puzzle, you will feel like You are actually Drawing the Picture Instead! Griddler Puzzle contains over 200+ Unique Puzzle to solve! The Uniqueness of Griddler Puzzle is that the Puzzle is not NLY Monotonic!

Griddler Puzzle contains lots of Puzzle With Colors! And also Combination Puzzle Mode to challenge your skill! You can also obtain the items while playing to help you solve the Puzzle!

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

Crossbones 1.0.1

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Crossbones v1.0.1 | Download
Crossbones is a challenging and addictive pirate-themed puzzle game. Match cards as fast as you can to collect pirate loot. Play solo or against computer opponents in single player mode. Challenge your friends over the internet or via local multiplayer.

* Learn the basics in the detailed tutorial
* Play solo or against computer opponents of varying skill
* Play against your friends and enemies over Edge, 3G, WiFi, or local networks
* Adjust the game difficulty and get hints when you need them
* Hone your skills and stretch your brain with the challenging memory mode
* Customize your avatar using your own photos

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later

Bobby Carrot 1 CLSX 1.00

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Bobby Carrot 1 CLSX v1.00 | Download
Riddling rabbit Bobby Carrot is 5 years old! Following the sensational success of Bobby Carrot Forever (available here in the App Store) we are now presenting a journey back through time to the old classics, 4 exciting past episodes which started out back in 2004 as little J2ME puzzle games:

Bobby Carrot 1: Classic
Bobby Carrot 2: Winterland
Bobby Carrot 3: Evolution
Bobby Carrot 4: Flower Power

All of the games feature brilliantly colourful graphics. The whole classic series has a reworked soundtrack, more control options and a fresh, newly designed, arcade-style look. Get the set!

Number of levels:
- Carrot mode: 30 levels
- Easter egg mode: 25 levels

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later

ArcadeManiak 1.2

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ArcadeManiak v1.2 | Download
ArcadeManiak is a special collection of the most popular PuzzleManiak games, featuring a new user interface. There is a whole new visual experience, where your favorite games have been visually supercharged with stunning graphics. ArcadeManiak also features 10 tracks of original music to play in the background, or you can solve the puzzles accompanied by your own music library.

ArcadeManiak includes the special versions of these puzzle games: Galaxies, Pattern, Light Up, Rectangles, Slant, Loopy, Bridges, Net, and Untangle. Each game has 6 levels of difficulty.

Beat special challenge times for each game to earn Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards to reward your skill.

Upload your best times for each game to the web to see how you stack up against the rest of the world. A special web site will keep updated leaderboards for all the games, and will showcase a "Hall of Fame" for those players who have achieved awards in all 9 games!

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later

Air Sail 1.0

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Air Sail v1.0 | Download
The small ship is sensitive to your breath, and your mission is to guide it through the pond You need to be fast because time is limited and you don't like the "Lose" screen, at least we hope so.

You will face 15 different levels filled with lily pads, leaves, flowers and rocks that slow down the ship. Why only 15? Because it will be very difficult to pass them all with one breath!

- Blow into the microphone to control wind speed.
- Tilt the iPhone to adjust the ship's direction.
- Tap instead of blow if you have iPod Touch without the microphone.

The harder you blow into the microphone the the stronger the wind is blowing, and the faster the ship will move. And don't forget, this is a ship, not a car, so it has no breaks!

- Convince a friend with and iPhone to buy Air Sail
- Find open Wi-Fi network and start multiplayer session
- Defeat your opponent in the race

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later

Ace Tennis Online 1.3

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Ace Tennis Online v1.3 | Download
Play 3D Tennis with players from all over the world! It takes only a few seconds to find a real player to play with, and with the integrated chat, profile and friends list you will enjoy the game for a long time.

- Action Tennis with realistic physics
- Easy to control - lob, smash or drop the ball using the accelerator!
- Fast graphics with particle effects
- Multiplayer match-making
- Online profile with picture upload
- Chat, private messages and friends list
- Offline mode with tournaments against challenging computer players

New: We have updated the software to fix some lag issues! Added Tutorial, customizable controls, extended score list and match making screen with chat!

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

Twittelator Pro 2.0

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Twittelator Pro v2.0 | Download
Twittelator Pro is the ultimate Twitter client with every feature you need. The elegant design will make your social networking life run smoothly. Feel the pulse of Twittersphere!

Just a few features of the 150 features:
  • Video: record, edit and tweet video (with iPhone 3GS only)
  • Create and tweet audio clips and hi-rez photos
  • Unlimited drafts and offline tweeting
  • Create sub groups of friends
  • Post map of your location
  • Handles multiple Twitter accounts
  • Built-in browser to view links, movies, audio
  • Get details, follow or block any user
  • Find nearby tweeters and map their location
  • Advanced searching (save them too)
  • Email, ReTweet, and copy tweets
  • Trending Topics
  • Autorefresh
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

TargetTap 1.51

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TargetTap v1.51 | Download
Test your reflexes with this exciting new game made exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Hit the red targets quickly to pop them and build up massive combos, but watch out for other colored targets which will make you lose a life! Also don't miss any red ones because you will also lose a life!

Look out for the one-up cloud to score an extra life!

Now Featuring Global High Scores! Test your skills against players all around the world! Daily, Weekly and All Time highscore lists are vailable at http://swiftfoxsoftware.com

How long can you survive! If you love cute pick up and play games such as Scoops, Dactyl or any of the Papi games you will love this!

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later

StockAdvisor 1.0.1

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StockAdvisor v1.0.1 | Download
StockAdvisor is the first application of its type that was specifically designed for mobile investors and traders and it is a must for anyone actively searching for trading opportunities in volatile markets.

Regardless if you are a day trader or just casual investor you know that stock markets are not only driven by fundamentals and analysts. More and more they are influenced by news coming from established news agencies but also new sources such as the Internet. The fact is that quick access to the latest information is a key to profitable trading. But the information overload and busy live styles make the task of following company related news and translating into useful trading actions an almost impossible task.

StockAdvisor is not another news aggregator that requires you to read the articles, analyze them and then make a decision. Written by investors like you StockAdvisor uses TradeOffNews servers which scan thousands of news sources, analyze the news and provide you with clear, actionable indicators directly on your iPhone enabling you to make better trading decisions on the go. Proprietary analytical algorithms extract the most valuable information from the available news sources harvesting distributed knowledge of company fundamentals and market trends. We use StockAdvisor ourselves as a support tool in our trading and investment activities.

You can easily build your portfolio and track the prices and trends in real time. The trading opportunities identified are classified as alpha opportunities (these might indicate prices decline and/or negative market sentiment) and beta opportunities (these might indicate stock price increase and/or positive market sentiment). They are delivered immediately to give you the edge when you make the trading decision.


- ‘My Portfolio’ enables you to manage your equities.
- Take advantage of stock prices with continuous updates from TradeOffNews.
- Last Trading Day report showing correlation between price changes and opportunities.
- Real-time opportunities list with intuitive navigation - find what you need fast.
- List of Top 5 news articles that influenced an opportunity's creation.
- Spread the good news about important opportunities via email.
- Support for NYSE, NASDAQ, TSX, TSX-V exchanges

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation) Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

SonicLife 1.2.1

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SonicLife v1.2.1 | Download
The application runs a simple cellular automaton on a grid of cells. The cells can be interacted with by touch and triggers of three different colors can be placed on the grid. The automaton can be set to five different rule-sets, from classic Game of Life to simple horizontal or vertical stepping. Triggers are fired by "alive" cells and send their state as OSC messages to a configurable host on the same Wi-Fi network. Cells and triggers can be randomized by shaking the device.

The application is compatible with software that supports the OSC protocol such as Pure Data, Max/MSP/Jitter, OSCulator, VDMX, Resolume Avenue 3, Plogue Bidule, Reaktor, Quartz Composer, vvvv and others.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

ShoveBox 1.0

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ShoveBox v1.0 | Download
ShoveBox Mobile helps you catch and sort all those small scraps of information that you can't immediately act on but would rather not forget.

It's a world-class mobile note-taking app on its own, but what makes it even better is that it syncs with the Mac version of the app, wirelessly and automatically.

- Capture and view rich text, web archives, images, PDFs and more.
- Powerful organization tools including folders, labels, and annotations.
- Synchronizes automatically with the Mac OS X version.
- Import data from just about any application and take it with you on-the-go.
- Use the ShoveBox bookmarklet on both your desktop and Safari on your mobile device to import websites.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

Repeat 1.1

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Repeat v1.1 | Download
Repeat is a multitouch game where you have to reproduce the sequences, pushing the different sections of a given sound and color.
Compete against yourself and other players either locally or on the internet.

Various entertaining single player modes are available like the one of the popular Simon game.
Train, improve and compare your memory skills using the persisted scores for each different mode.
Thanks to the exclusive multitouch screen feature, up to 3 touches can performed at the same time.

Play with as many friends as you want at the same time using one single version of the program.

Every day, a new exclusive challenge can be downloaded from the Internet.
Upload your best score and compare yourself with the others worldwide players .

To those who don't know how to play the game :
The game mode is not always like Simon.

According to the game mode, you have to play differently.

- Normal Sequence : Repeat the longer and longer sequences (like the Simon game).
- Zen Sequence : Normal sequence, no time constraints (like the Simon game, but without the stressful time limit).
- Different Sequence : The sequences are each time different (Repeat the sequence, like the Simon game, however the sequence will change at each new step).
- Reversed Sequence : Repeat the sequences in reverse order (the last step of the demo must be the first played one, and so on).
- Shifted Sequence : Shift the sequences by one clockwise (you have to rotate everything from the demo by one clockwise).
- Hidden Sequence : The new step is the only one displayed (so you have to keep in mind the first ones).

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

Reid Minion 1.0

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Reid Minion v1.0 | Download
Reid is a document and ebook reader for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It has features designed to assist you in reading more comfortably and efficiently. Whether you're visually impaired and need a large font on a high contrast display or you're a speedreader blazing through documents at warp speed, Reid can make your reading easier. In addition to providing free eBook content, Reid allows you to log into your own Google Documents account and download anything you've stored there. This gives you access to eBooks you've uploaded yourself, personal documents, or anything else you've stored online.

Reid was designed to maximize the readability of the content. The results of usability research were used to guide each feature. The user has control over font, font size, text contrast, reading speed and other parameters to suit their individual preferences while the entire framework works together to maximize readability.

Reid provides three basic modes for reading documents. The first highlights individual words and the highlight moves through the document at the speed you set. This provides a cue to help you keep pace with your selected reading speed. Some people find it more comfortable to read above or below the moving highlight rather than reading the highlight itself, but the highlight serves as a visual indication to keep the user focused.

The second reading mode is "word flash", also known as rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP). In this mode, each word is displayed individually on the screen. This allows the reader to focus on individual words. Once they're used to it, some people are able to use very high speeds in word flash mode and still understand and retain the content. Remember that all the reading modes also work in landscape orientation, so rotate your screen to get more width and bigger fonts.

The third reading mode simply shows the document without any of the assisted-reading features. This mode allows the reader to manually scroll through the content at their leisure.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

Property Evaluator 2.4

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Property Evaluator v2.4 | Download
Property Evaluator is the most powerful real estate analysis tool for the iPhone. It's much more sophisticated than a loan calculator, and it calculates quite a bit more than just cash flow.

Enter some basic information about the property in four easy steps, and then view performance projections that show a true apples-to-apples comparison between properties.

You can also email the projections to your clients or investment partners as a PDF file.

It takes the guesswork out of finding the best deal before you buy!

- Investors use it to analyze deals.
- Real estate agents and lenders use it to create performance projections for their clients.

- Input the property information in 4 easy steps
- Look at the First-Year Projection to flip the property
- Look at the Multi-Year Projection to buy and hold
- Email PDF projection to clients or investment partners
- Take a photo and store it with the property
- Save multiple properties or what-if scenarios
- AutoFill helps estimate expenses
- Slide your finger to change the holding period from 1 to 30 years, and all of the numbers instantly update!
- View a map of the property with Google Maps
- Built-in mortgage calculator with complete payment schedules
- Allows semi-annual compounding for Canadian mortgages
- International addresses and currencies are fully supported
- Many more features are planned for future updates!

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

MLB.com At Bat 2009 v1.0

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MLB.com At Bat 2009 v1.0 | Download
WATCH LIVE COVERAGE of every MLB Postseason game on your iPhone and iPod touch. MLB.com At Bat 2009 includes Postseason.TV, which lets you watch games from your choice of one of seven distinct camera angles or the exclusive Quad Mode showing 4 cameras at once. Companion product to broadcast TV.

Blackout and other restrictions apply to all live games in At Bat 2009. Quality of video is subject to network availability.

MLB.com At Bat 2009 also includes MLB.com Gameday Audio, MLB.com Gameday, In-game Video Highlights, Condensed Games and Notifications.

Gameday Audio
Listen to every regular season and Postseason game LIVE, including all home and select visiting team feeds and no blackout restrictions.

Follow every pitch with exclusive pitch type, location and speed data, plus real-time box scores, play-by-play and player stats.

In-game Video Highlights
Watch the best plays of the game moments after they happen.

Condensed Games
Watch a 10-12 minute video recap featuring every payoff pitch, 90 minutes after the game ends.

Receive game start and game end alerts for your favorite teams.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

Memory Stick 1.2

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Memory Stick v1.2 | Download
You no longer need to carry around a USB memory stick to copy and share files from one computer to another. Instead, turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wifi drive using File Sharing.

File Sharing allows you to easily transfer files to and from your iPhone or iPod Touch over your Wi-Fi connection by accessing it as if it were a drive, from within Windows Explorer or Finder.

If you prefer, you can also upload and download files from your web browser.

What is more, once the files are on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can view them, making your device a portable file viewer.

File Sharing can view the following file types:

• Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
• Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx, .csv)
• Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt)
• PDF Files (.pdf)
• iWork Pages documents (.pages)
• Safari Web Archives (.webarchive)
• Web Pages (.htm, .html)
• Text Files (.txt, .cpp, .c, .m, .h)
• Graphic Files (.bmp, .gif, .png, .jpg)
• Movie files (.mp4, .mov)

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

London Journey Planner v1.2

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London Journey Planner 1.2 | Download
London Journey Planner provides a slick front-end to the TfL (Transport For London) Journey Planner service to help you find the quickest route to your destination.


- Covers Rail, DLR, Tube, Tram, Bus, Coach and River transport
- Specify origin and destination by station name, post code or current location (using GPS)
- Save your most-used locations as favourites
- Specify which modes of transport to include/exclude
- Plan a route for now, or a future date, and specify whether this is an arrival or departure time
- View a map (PDF) of your origin and destination, and any interchange stations
- Browse through the selection of suggested routes for your journey (with options to retrieve earliest, earlier, later or latest routes)

London Journey Planner is the first iPhone app to use LIVE data from the TfL Journey Planner Service, which provides the best coverage, most up-to-date route information and notification of delays or closures where available.

Tip: You can save route details for offline access by holding down the home button then pressing the sleep/wake button. This will save a screenshot into your photo library.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later

Japanese Verb Conjugator Katsuyo 1.1.0

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Japanese Verb Conjugator Katsuyo v1.1.0 | Download
Katsuyo is a very practical learning tool that speeds up your understanding of Japanese verb conjugation dramatically.

Displaying 1178 verbs, it's well suited for those who want to strengthen their understanding of japanese verb conjugation.

You can look up the specific verb you want to look up with just a few touches even if you haven't gotten used to typing Japanese character.
Then you can learn which group the verb belongs to, read translation and Kanji writing. Finally, using its intuitive scrolling navigation, you will have access to all conjugation forms listed below:
- Polite form
- Plain form
- Present and future form
- Past tense form
- Affirmative form
- Negative form
- Te form
- Potential form
- Causative form
- Causative passive form
- Conditional -eba form
- Conditional -ra form
- Imperative form
- Passive form
- Volitional form

Moreover, you can easily go back to any verb previously looked up via the "History" menu.

○Supports 7 languages (english, french, spanish, german, russian, korean, chinese)
○Verbs are displayed both in Kanji/Hiragana and Romaji
○Intuitive navigation using your fingertip
○History backup function
○2 ways to find your verb : by keyword or by index

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

Infotrafic Quattroruote 1.01

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Infotrafic Quattroruote v1.01 | Download
Infotrafic for iPhone keeps you up-to-date about the traffic situation in Italy. It's an essential tool for arranging journeys, avoiding tailbacks and saving time.

Every day, from 7a.m. to 10p.m., Infotrafic Quattroruote offers you traffic information for the entire motorway network and the main ring roads.

Once you have selected the route you are interested in, you will see – in real time – details about the traffic situation: slowdowns, tailbacks, closed junctions, roadworks, special transports, everything you need to know in order to choose the right time and the right route before setting off.

And for more precise information, 19 telecameras distributed along the main ring roads will show you the road conditions in real time.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

iMargin - Margin Calculator 1.1

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iMargin - Margin Calculator v1.1 | Download
Compute and fine-tune your margin in just seconds with iMargin from SUI Solutions. iMargin is the perfect solution when you need to make a quick decision and there’s no time to input an extensive formula. Just enter two values and iMargin will instantly populate the rest.

Need to determine your sell price with a particular cost and a set margin? Simply enter the cost and margin to instantly see both sell price and gross margin.

Likewise, you can input any two values and view the result as you’re typing. There’s no need to select a formula or parameter to be calculated.

iMargin senses finger taps and uses traditional iPhone gestures, including clearing a field by swiping and shaking your device to clear all fields.

iMargin Features:

• Calculation on-the-fly
• Fields double as input or output
• In-place arithmetical operations
• Tax calculations
• Clearing a single field by swiping it
• Clearing all fields by shaking the device
• Accidental shake protection with Undo
• Customizable options: precision, shake sensitivity and the default field for startup.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

iBaller 1.0.0

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iBaller v1.0.0 | Download
iBaller is the ultimate tool to manage, track and see the statistics of your soccer/football match. You can set your starting lineup and formation and manage your substitutions. iBaller allows you to record the touches of the match--shots, crosses, assists, saves....and note any infractions by location and player. It also allows you to track the opponent by toggling between teams.

Features include:
- Create your Players and Opponents by Name and Number
- Select Team Colors
- Select your Lineup
- Position the Players in your desired Formation
- Add new Lineup/Substitutions
- Track the Touches of the Match (Corners, Crosses, Passes, Free Kicks, Shots, Goals….) by Location and Player
- Track the Infractions of the Match (Fouls, Handling the Ball, Offsides….) by Location and Player
- Toggle between teams by selecting the Team Name (next to the timer) to record Touches/Fouls
- Swipe for specific Positions/Touches/Fouls pages
- Select the Match Time and Periods from a variety of options
- See Statistics by Team and Player
- Manage Multiple Teams and Games

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

HardDrive 1.0

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HardDrive v1.0 | Download
HardDrive is a portable hard drive utility for file storage, transport, retrieval, and viewing on the iPhone and iPod touch.

It adds a file server to the iPhone or iPod touch, allowing transfer of files between the device and a computer. Files are copied over your Wi-Fi network using a web browser interface on the computer.

HardDrive provides an ideal solution for transferring files from one computer to another computer using your iPhone or iPod touch as a storage device.

Files residing on the device can be opened from the web browser interface for viewing on a computer or alternatively, viewed directly on the iPhone or iPod touch via a built-in file viewer.

File types which can be viewed directly on the iPhone or iPod touch include PDF documents (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.doc & .docx), plain text files (.txt), Microsoft Excel (.xls & .xlsx), Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt & .pptx), and image files (.jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .gif, .bmp, & .png). Additional file types supported in iPhone OS 3.0 (or later) include rich text format (.rtf) and iWork '09 files (.pages, .key, & .numbers).

Landscape mode as well as zooming and panning is supported for viewing documents.

A scroll bar feature facilitates viewing of long documents.

Add folders to organize your files.

The program works with Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Mac OS X (version 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, & 10.4 Tiger) and is compatible with most web browsers.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later, Wi-Fi connection.

Events - Birthdays & Anniversary & Holidays v1.5

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Events - Birthdays & Anniversary & Holidays v1.5 | Download
With Events you never forget someone’s birthdays, anniversary or even holidays. It is ultimate personal organizer of important events such as birthdays, weddings, name days or holidays. Application has all important features like loading birthdays or anniversaries from your contacts, sorting by left days or its own list of holidays for 27 countries of the world! Application support icon BADGES too!

Unlike other apps, which sort contacts by left days or by months, Events combines this two ways into one! So you won´t need to switch between these two ways of sorting.

For the first launch, app searches your contacts and stores it in its own database. Meanwhile you are browsing through your contacts, Events is loading, sorting and updating your contacts. And this all in the background! So you don’t notice anything. This is great, when you have many contacts with birthdays.

1. Birthdays
*loading contacts from your address book or FACEBOOK account
*possibility to add your own contact, which is stored in Events app
*possibility to delete, edit or show more info about your person
*backup your contacts and restore it later through web browser

2. Events
*loading anniversaries from you address book
*possibility to add your own event and sort them into categories
*possibility to include or exclude year
*filtering events
*show more info about contact, delete or edit it
*you can add repeating events (monthly, biweekly, weekly)
*backup your events and restore it later through web browser

3. Holidays
*Events contains list of holidays for 27 countries:
*multiple calendar selection allowed
*Countries:USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Australia, Austria, China(English), Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, South Africa, Israel, Turkey and Greece
*all holidays are in local language(not China and Israel)
*possibility to delete or add your own holiday

4. General
*option to activate icon badge for next 1/7/14/30 days (not showing on the background)
*display order First, Last or Last, First
*option to show missed events for 5/7/14 days
*option to exclude years in dates
*option to receive newsletter about app news
*support English, German, French, Czech, Spanish, Dutch, Hebrew(almost all)

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

Encrypto 1.0

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Encrypto v1.0 | Download
Encrypto is a simple but yet effective application to protect photos made with your iPhone from unauthorised view. Do you have friends or collegaues that like to view others private photos? Don't worry everything they will see is a "Top Secret" label instead of the real photo.

Encrypto is unique application because it's leaves all your photos in the iPhone photo library. There is no information stored within Encrypto itself. Even if you will accidentally delete Encrypto or decide to restore your iPhone all your photos will be safe from lose.

And one more thing, only one tap is needed to protect or restore your photo! There is no folders, sorting or other unnecessary features in Encrypto. It simple, elegant and works as advertised.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later