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Decibel v1.6

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Decibel meter with analog meter. The app has been calibrated against professional sound level meters with very good results. The app has several nice features, especially that you can turn the phone towards the sound source and the meter flips when you turn the phone.

- Analog decibel meter
- Digital meter with average, peak and max decibel
- A clean interface
- Support for turning upside down!
- Reset the Max value by tapping on it!
- Works for 2nd Generation iPod Touch (if using a iPhone headset with microphone)
- Support for disabling sleep mode
- Calibration

Clinometer v3.0.3

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This clinometer application is a (hopefully most accurate) slope finder tool on the iPhone. It can be applied on all edges of the iPhone/iPod touch (preferrably the ones without buttons) in every direction. It is designed to be as accurate as possible (normally in the range of ±0.1 degrees, although this might depend on the device).

The clinometer supports multiple color schemes (Black on White or White on Black and Night Color) and 2 precision setups. A fullscreen mode can be toggled by tapping the center of the screen, which prevents you from erroneous inputs while measuring.

The (free) update is already distributed which includes nicer graphics, two-way calibration, a percentage display, and a bubble mode when the iphone is on a flat surface.

You can calibrate the device in five directions independently. This is because the accelerometers give different deviations for each axis. However you can easily choose to calibrate the directions on demand.

Carnival Hammer 1.4.1

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Ladies and gentleman… step right up! The show that everyone has been waiting for has finally begun! The greatest game of all time is now available in a special version for iPhone and iPod Touch…

Come on in and enjoy this incredible test of strength. Show everyone who the new Hercules is.

All you have to do is carry out a simple yet vigorous move: grab hold of your iPhone as if it were a hammer, and pretend to hit a stake into the ground. Afterwards, watch what happens on the screen – see how the hammer hits the virtual target and how the weight rises and rises and rises… until its zenith… can you reach the moon?

Get ready to live a unique and unrepeatable experience with the game Carnival Hammer, created by Zed Games. Enjoy a good dose of fantasy and humour like never before. Show your friends and enemies who is the strongest of all!

  • Simple and intuitive control.
  • Fun music and sound effects that recreate the authentic carnival atmosphere.
  • Eccentric illustrations and characters, complemented with a special touch of humour.
  • Suitable for dames, gentlemen and even weaklings! :)
  • Available in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Unsleep Sheep Puzzle 3 v1.0

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The old school super addicted puzzle game becomes more fun than ever! In Unsleep Sheep Puzzle 3 you goal is very simple arrange the same picture make it line up and get a score. Gain many score as possible to go up higher level.

  • Colorful graphic puzzle.
  • Unlimited hours of fun.
  • 99 Levels to go though.
  • 7 Animated Movies and 7 Soundtracks to unlock!
  • Colorful changeable Background.
  • 13 items to help you.
  • Real-time save!
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later

LevinLink v1.0

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Levin Link is a fun puzzle game. In limited time,you need to match those objects which are same by click them. When one pair of objects were selected,they got removed automaticly.The match through the pair of object can not pass through any other pattern and can not exceed by its maximum turning point of 2.

Every board will appear with a pair of stars and a pair of moon on the object. If the stars or the moon are simultaneously eliminated,you will get extra bonus.

If you put the objects with moon and star to eliminate at the same time , you will be punished accordingly, and bringing an unpleasant surprise.

  • Various models with respective characteristic.
  • Above hundred layouts contain Chinese Culture and so on in the Normal model.
  • Multiple difficulties in the time Challenge Model as your competition.
  • Four levels with ten sub-level each in the special model.The square is floating. Speed, accurate and consideration are required to pass each level, or an unpleasant surprise will be the result.
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation)
Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later

iBeast 1.0

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iBeasts displays famous animals, mythical creatures, and monsters from the modern age as well as the eras past. From Werewolves to Lions,this application shows off some of the most memorable beasts that have ever graced the pages of books, and screens of TVs.

iBeasts brings you through a variety of intense pictures and captivating digital sound to make for the complete Beastly experience. Change the pictures by pushing the image button and you can enjoy the excitement from the world’s most dangerous beasts. Match picture with sound by scrolling through the sound options.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later

Tangrams v1.3.4

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License: Free
Price: Free

This modern version of the classic Chinese puzzle game will challenge your mind as you attempt to arrange the seven shapes called "tans" into a variety of forms. The puzzles themselves often represent animals and people, as well as many other interesting shapes.

The rules are simple, arrange all seven geometric pieces to match the presented puzzle silhouette. This can be harder than it sounds, and offers an entertaining bit of fun for a spare moment or a few hours.


  • Over 400 puzzles included
  • Receive visual hints to help solve tough puzzles
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • Casual gameplay is easy to pick up, hard to put down
  • Challenging puzzles of varying difficulty
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

PowerDown v1.0

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PowerDown is inspired by the famous Lights Out puzzle game, and faithfully recreates the experience while bringing gorgeous graphics and presentation to the IPhone platform for 2009.

Download the lite version to play through the first 4 puzzles with 50 classic puzzles and an endless supply of further puzzles available in the complete version.

Watch out for further updates to the game over coming months as well as a range of other small games and compilations which will be appearing on the AppStore.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation)
Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

Graphing Calculator v1.03

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Graphing calculator draws mathematical functions, which would prove to be very useful in classes. It can solve and find several factors, such as roots, minimum, and maximum.

This application can also let you do almost everything that is expected of a graphic calculator, including basic ones such as sin(x), ln(x), and even csc(x). As for the actual interface, iPlot proves to be quite versatile with its option to zoom in and out, and even zoom to any defined region.

Those who are interested in grabbing this application may do so by downloading and installing it directly through the iPhone's Installer.app. Enjoy!

Chaos Origin 1.0

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Get ready to a frenzy puzzle fighting action through the battle of gothic chaos and enjoy the brick breaking fun!

  • A great combination of brick breaking and pong
  • Intensive battle action
  • Playable between 2 players or player - cpu game
  • Innovative gameplay mechanism

NumFight v1.1

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Num Fight is simple to learn, yet hard to put down, puzzle game where two players (or 1 player versus the computer) compete to get the highest score at the end of a round to win a battle. The rules are simple. There are scattered green (positive) and red (negative) numbers on the board, players take turns removing these blocks from the game board, with each turn changing which numbers can be removed via a rotating play bar.

To make things even more fun there are other types of items you can use, such as sign switchers which flip the red and green boxes, multi-move items, point doublers and more. The key to this game is of course to win the round, so the trick to wining is not just collecting the big numbers, but also planing ahead on how to force your opponent to take the big negative numbers. So sometimes it’s wise to take a loss to win in the end.

The game has a cool 2 Player mode where the screen flips for cross-table play, or a computer AI which is downright Nasty. (Yes the game offers an Easy mode!) The computer AI is very impressive and very challenging, and is what makes this game so much fun.

There is also the ability to configure how boards are generated, so you can always try fresh challenges. This game is so addictive that I got a low battery warning! Putting it down is nearly impossible.

Tank Warrior v1.1.1

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Tank Warrior surprised me with how fun this game is. It is very simple and easy to play, just tilt to move the army tank and touch where you want to shoot at. There are eight level packs to choose from, each has four levels and a boss level at the end of it. There is no scoring, no time limit, so it is a great game to go flat out or take your time completing it. I was interested in how it would go with Crazy Tanks being so dominant but it is a totally different game.

The graphics in this game are simple but I was surprised to see that it was really detailed. Some of the backgrounds look really good and fit the game really well. The game is really responsive with the accelerometer moving the tank and shooting at the army people.

I love the background music in this game, it is catchy and fun, really enjoyable to listen to while blowing up helicopters. The sound effects aren't that realistic and are out of sync with the game, which is a shame, as they let the game down. If you decide to buy it I would recommend to play with the music on, but turn the sound effects off.

The game has only one mode to play. You choose your original level pack to play from the start of that level. The first four levels are fairly easy to play. Soldiers will be placed on various objects above you and you must shoot them down. Every now and then a level will have a helicopter fly past, forcing you to drive backwards to destroy it. After the four levels you will have a boss level where you must destroy a larger and stronger version of the in-game enemies. There are three upgrades which are available to get from enemies which make it alot easier to defeat the levels. There are difficulty levels which will last you a while as the game becomes gradually harder just on easy.

This is a fun game to pick up and play for a few minute or for hours. There is alot of replay value going through the whole game in the four difficulty levels. Easy to get the hang of, if you enjoy arcade style games I would check it out.

Visual Rome v1.0

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While most guides currently available are a simple transposition of paper books, this guide takes a fully visual approach: just fly over the city, land on your POI and tap the buildings to know about their history. You can also see the past through fine drawings or 3D reconstructions. All content is downloaded on your iPhone: no roaming charges while on vacation. In some cases 2 or 3 accesses to Google Maps could already have the same cost as this app ! This 3rd Party App is available at the Apple iTunes AppStore. Browse the full list of all AppStore apps filed under the AppStore category.

Beejive IM v2.1.0

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BeejiveIM is the most reliable and user-friendly mobile IM application on the market for your iPhone or iPod Touch, featuring desktop-like instant messaging and always-on efficient networking.

Works with
  • AIM
  • iChat
  • MobileMe
  • MSN
  • Windows Live
  • Yahoo!
  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • GoogleTalk
  • ICQ
  • Jabber

Atomic Blink 1.1

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Atomic Blink is a game where your aim is to shoot your ball and destroy all the color spheres. Generate your own customized layouts based on photos from your photo album. Play and beat your high score.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update

Bookworm 1.0

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Have an appetite for words? Then join Lex the Bookworm in the hit word-puzzle game created by PopCap, makers of the best casual games this side of Jupiter! Link letter tiles left, right, up and down to build words and keep Lex sated and smiling. The bigger the word, the better the bonus. But watch out for burning letters — they could spell disaster for you and Lex!

  • It’s easy to learn — start working wordy wonders in relaxing Classic mode or race against the clock in Timed mode
  • Boost scores and advance faster by spelling bonus words
  • All new shake-to-scramble
  • All new bonus books
  • Instant stats to track your progress

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone 2.2 Software Update

Monster Pinball 1.0

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Monster Pinball is a gorgeous and fantastically executed game for the iPhone. I would even go so far as to say it's possibly the best pinball app out there to date! Matmi sure hit the nail on the head with this one. The controls are fantastic, the animations are smooth as butter, and the overall look is polished and not quite like anything I've ever seen before.

When you open the game you're given 3 options; Play, Help, and Scores. Play will obviously start up a new game, but you may want to look at the controls first. Sure, they're completely natural feeling, but the Help screen is kinda cool and worth taking a look at. Everything feels very intuitive. Pull back on the spring mechanism by sliding your finger downwards and releasing to set the ball into motion. Then, using your thumbs, simply tap the coordinating buttons at the bottom of the screen to activate the levers. These buttons are small enough that it gives the "table" a very wide open feel, but big enough to be able to access easily in most situations. I say "most" because people who have a heavy duty iPhone case with a high rim may find it somewhat awkward to reach the buttons.

One of the awesome things about this game is that there is more then one table. You start off at the "Invade" table and from there you can travel to "Bindy Spin", "The Bowl", and a few others! Each table has it's own special theme and animations. For example the "Invade" table features a spaceship and some cool lasers and electrical-type effects. This unique feature really sets this game apart from others of it's kind. The physics of the ball are very realistic and the gameplay is incredibly smooth. I played this game for about an hour nonstop and I didn't encounter any hiccups in the ball's movements whatsoever! You can really tell that the developer was careful to make sure every single detail was executed perfectly.

City Bomber v1.28

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Let us see if you are as good of a pilot as you believe. Ahead of you is the difficult task of destroying various obstacles before they destroy you. There are 10 challenging levels in this game that will prove that not just anyone can become a pilot. It is not an easy assignment ahead of you, but you are welcome to try. Remember, the sky is the limit!

The story:

After a nuclear power plant disaster, an entire city is destroyed with radioactive particles. After 30 years the government has decided to demolish the entire city and start everything from scratch. The point of this game is to help blow up buildings using rockets fired from a helicopter so that a new city can be built.

  • 10 Levels from very easy to very difficult
  • Original soundtrack
  • Very easy touch navigation
  • Play in either English/Polish
  • Option to Turn Music/FX Off
  • Pause during game