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True or Lie 2.0

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True or Lie v2.0 | Download

"True or Lie" judges whether a person lied or told the truth by measuring the heartbeats.

Have you ever wanted to know whether a person is telling a truth or not?
At this time, you might judge that with this application, "True or Lie".

First of all, please put the microphone of the headphone of your iPhone or iPod touch on the pulse of the person who you want to ask your questions and set the recent heartbeats of him.
After that, ask your questions to him and judge whether he is telling a truth or not with the sweep of the style that measure has.

You can measure the heartbeats by changing to the heartbeat counter as well.

・Measurement of the pulse and judgement of lie or truth
・Heartbeat counter

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone Requires iPhone 2.2 Software Update

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