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Voccit 1.1

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Voccit v1.1 |
You've tried to learn another language, but you couldn't do it? Then Voccit is for you. Voccit makes studying vocabulary extremely efficient and easy.
The concept is simple and similar to a usual flash card box. As soon as you've typed in your vocab it has to go through 6 phases. Once a word has reached phase 6 be sure to know it. You can always see if you have words to study by looking at the badge of the icon.
Looking at the Statistics menu you can see how many words you have coming in how many days and how many words are located in the different phases. In the Manage menu you can find all your words, delete them or correct mistakes you might have done typing them.
Inserting the vocabulary can be done directly in the program via the iPhone or on our homepage (www.FatHeadApps.com). Then the vocab can afterwards be imported in the program. This makes inserting the vocabulary faster, because you can use your computer.
Voccit is so useful because you have your flash card box with you wherever you go. Take some time while waiting for the bus, riding the subway or whenever you can spare some time and study your vocab.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

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