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iVampires 400 Nobility v1.08

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iVampires 400 Nobility v1.08 |
Sink your teeth into the greatest Vampire MMO for the iphone/ipod touch! Destroy humanity and build your vampire army!

User reviews

"Amazing way better than Undead LIVE! " #1northpaw


* FREE Massive Online multi player RPG for the iPhone AND the iPod Touch!
* FREE updates with new missions, weapons, and gifts from The Ancients!
* Invite your friends to join your Clan via GPS, WiFi, and friend codes
* Months of Game play
* Destroy online rivals
* Real time news feed
* World wide high score boards
* Comment on profiles and send bulletins to your Clan
* Mark your enemies for death with a cash bounty
* Bite rivals and drain their life force

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later

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