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Aliens on Vacation v1.0

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Aliens on Vacation v1.0 |
Aliens on Vacation is a wild and crazy game of skill and dexterity!

Al the Alien is visiting Earth for his vacation, with one goal in mind: chill by the pool and get a dark tan. Unfortunately, he cannot get darker without massive amounts of tanning lotion. You can assist Al by helping grab the tanning lotion as it flies by. By pressing the blinking lights on the spaceship, Al's hand will reach out and grab the flying lotion bottle. The more tanning bottles he grabs, the tanner he'll get and the higher you'll score.

At the end of the game, his spaceship will beam him up and he'll happily fly back to his planet, relaxed and hopefully with a dark tan.

Score extra time by pressing the rubber ducky when it appears in the swimming pool.

Aliens on Vacation is a zany and exciting game that you'll love to play over and over again.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later

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