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Crazy Sword 1.0

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Crazy Sword v1.0 | Download
Next time someone asks you if that's a sword in your pocket you can reply - 'Why yes, it is m'lady!'. Crazy Sword is the mini sword handle for your iPhone that you control! Swing the handle to activate authentic swashbuckling sounds and metal clanging hits. You'll be the life of your next party when you arrive sword in hand!

Uses for Crazy Sword:

- entertain onlookers with an imaginary swordfight
- liven up a boring meeting
- re-enact classic battles in your home or office
- win your next gadget battle: "Can your phone do this?"
- great conversation starter

Features of Crazy Sword:

- authentic sword sounds!
- iPhone vibrates on impact!
- uplifting soundtrack
- swordmanship rankings to unlock
- tap blade to sheath
- safe for kids

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

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