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iBabalu 1.0

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iBabalu v1.0 | Download
See how many points you can get by playing along with the built in songs. Do well enough to make the drummer sing "Babalu!" and start earning double points.

Try the following songs:

"Simple Clave" (0:33) - A song with a classic conga 3-2 clave beat.

"Sierra Samba" (0:52) - Keep up with the quicker tempo!

"Casa de Conga" (0:54) - A fun Latin themed song.

"Dreamy Rock" (2:17) - Play along to some California styled rock.

"Twangy Time" (1:52) - Conga away to a song with a country feel.

"Salsa Loco" (1:22) - Fun salsa song with a fast tempo!

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