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GPS StoryRecorder 1.0

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GPS StoryRecorder v1.0 |
GPS StoryRecorder is an amazing new iPhone application that records what you say and saves it to your exact GPS location! We call these GeoCasts (Geographical Broadcasts). The GPS StoryRecorder automatically plays back your recordings when you return to the location where they were GeoCast.

Now let your imagination soar!

Have fun creating your own GPS recordings of your favorite places. You can name and save your files, create tours, and even test their accuracy.

With your GPS StoryRecorder you can:

- Guide a visitor around your town
- Tell the story of where you grew up
- Create a real estate tour of available listings
- Unveil the best hidden restaurants
- Or even create a treasure hunt with GPS clues!

We'll soon be releasing our networking app that will allow people everywhere to share their recordings. We'll have contents and prizes, so get started testing your GeoCasts.

Send us your story! GPS StoryTeller is collecting real stories from people around the world to include in our GPS tours, which we continually update! Contact us to find out how your story can be part of a tour we're producing in your city.

Visit GPSstoryteller.com to hear a sample, and to learn more about our new tours including Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, and even the Taj Majal.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation) Requires iPhone 2.2.1 Software Update

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