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Globs 1.1

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Globs v1.1 |
Globs is an eye popping action shooter game. Play as Nerdman the geeky biologist who must collect glob eye balls for his scientific research. The globs will quickly get out of hand, so use your blaster to defend yourself against an angry army of green gooey goobers.

As always the Globs developer will continue to support your feedback. If you would like to see a feature added or changed that is not on the list of updates please send your ideas to the support email or write a detailed review.

Full version 1.1.3 includes:
-Six booger busting action stages
-Two Adventure Levels
-Future updates, new adventure levels, weapons and enemies are in development.

Planned Update 1.1.4:
- New Enemy Type
- New Adventure Level: Gooey Gauntlet - 2nd Checkpoint

Planned Update 1.1.5:
- New Music Track
- New Adventure Level: Gooey Gauntlet - 3rd Checkpoint

Having Trouble?
-Shoot globs off your feet if they stick to you.
-If one lands on your head hold duck.
-Duck to avoid damage from globs and hazards.
-Press and hold for a full jump.
-Change your control size to large.
-Change the difficulty to easy.
-Change weapons by pressing the blaster in the top right corner.

Nerdman's Indie Picks:
-Pocket Kite

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later

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