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PT Pocket Office v1.0

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PT Pocket Office v1.0 |
PT Pocket Office is a VNC client for the iPhone and iPod touch. You can now directly control your desktop at home or at the office whilst you are on the move with your iPhone or iPod touch!

The feature list includes:

1. Comprehensive in program HTML help available (included in the software package).
2. Detailed on-screen help available when connected.
3. Extensive mouse control:
-Mouse hovering i.e. position or move the mouse pointer without sending button events.
-Left button/middle button/right button control including single click, multiple click or click & hold (for mouse "dragging") and mouse-wheel control.
4. Standard iPhone Keyboard used to send keypresses to the VNC server - all characters sent in either Windows or Mac compatible modes.
5. Keyboard control also features a special "hold keys" option which allows control of applications on the server that require key "press and hold" functionality e.g. pressing and holding "w" to walk forward in Second Life on a Windows PC.
6. Smooth display resize/move:
-Smoothly and rapidly change the display magnification using pinch/stretch gestures.
-Smoothly and rapidly move the display area around the server screen without moving the mouse pointer.
-Smoothly move the mouse pointer around the server screen including auto-scrolling of the displayed area.
-Rapidly relocate the display to any location on the server screen in a single tap or tap/move.
7. Standard VNC with encrypted logon password.
8. All standard VNC transfer encodings.
9. Tested with UltraVNC, TightVNC and RealVNC on Windows systems and Vine VNC and Mac in-built VNC (screen sharing) on a Mac.
10. Full-colour or 8-bit colour modes.
11. Handles server screen resolutions up to 2048*2048 without server scaling.
12. Server scaling available when connected to UltraVNC or Vine VNC - alllows the connection and viewing of servers at very large resolutions (e.g. when using multi-screen) and can be used to dramatically reduce update times e.g. for connection over GPRS/3G/Edge.
13. Choice of partial screen updates or full-screen updates. This option is primarily meant for use over 3G/GPRS/Edge connections. When full-screen updates are disabled then only the visible area of the server screen on your iPhone display is updated, this means that updates are much faster when you do not need to see larger areas of your server's screen. Note that you can still move around the server screen, as new areas appear they will then be updated (option not compatible with the Mac's in-built VNC).

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

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