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Credit Guardian 1.1

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Credit Guardian v1.1 | Download
Your MONEY & CREDIT: hold on to what you’ve got!
You can’t afford to make expensive mistakes. Guardian is the most effective mobile tool to help you manage your financial identity and take control of your credit card debt.

YOUR CREDIT SCORE is a valuable financial asset. Guardian delivers an immediate view of your credit score, interest rate on each credit card, outstanding balance and other information you need to improve and protect your financial identity.

Secure pocket resource, reference and digital replica of your sensitive, personal and financial information. Guardian features:
- Time-out Lock and Auto-Lock
- Data encryption using FIPS 256-bit AES data encryption (utilized by the US Government for TOP SECRET classification level)
- Remote Wipe via secure Internet encryption (SSL Certificate)

Only Guardian gives you:
1. Stunning graphics and beautiful templates.
2. Quick List view displays your credit cards in descending order of interest rate charges. Adhere to your Action Plan for 2009 to pay down expensive credit card debt.
3. Detailed Financial Resources to help you increase your Credit Score or deal with credit issues.
4. Build your 2009 Action Plan. Guardian includes Personal Notes and embedded links.
5. Gorgeous “cover-flow” view of entire contents with flip action animation.
7. Too many features to list… but you get the idea. Guardian delivers incredible utility and personalized protection.

NOTE: One Tap Call function only works on the iPhone, NOT the iPodTouch. One Tap Call and One Tap active links only function when the communication network is available.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone 2.2 Software Update

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