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Vette Envi 1.1.7

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Vette Envi v1.1.7 |
The all-time classic American sports car, in your pocket! Following in the path of Mustang Envi, Vette Envi brings thousands of Web-based Chevy Corvette photos to your iPhone. It's a grand tour of raw power, major speed and just plain coolness!

From the original hand-built 1953 model, through Sting Rays and Sharks, through the 2010 Stingray concept, Vette Envi displays Web-based Corvette photos the way you would expect on the iPhone: full screen, with multi-touch controls, in automated slide shows or scrolling image arrays. Generation C1 through Generation C6, and beyond. Vette Envi brings the Chevrolet Corvette world from the Web to you, organized by model and year.

Please also check out Camaro, Ferrari, Porsche, Lambo, Mustang and our other Envi apps, all based on the acclaimed iEnvision Web-image browser. Classic and modern art and architecture, hot sports cars, cool haircuts, outer space from planet Earth to the furthest reaches of the Hubble, the great outdoors, and lots of just plain fun. There's an Envi app for that!

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

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