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Epic Pet Wars Unlock Cute Pack 20 Respect Points v1.0

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Epic Pet Wars Unlock Cute Pack 20 Respect Points v1.0 | Read more...

Adopt a unique & exclusively designed pet to join the thousands training, battling, and customizing in this FREE, real-time, constantly evolving Massively Multiplayer Online RPG that spans the iPhone/iPod Touch, Facebook, Twitter, and epicpetwars.com!

✔ Adopt pets with unique strengths and weaknesses and looks that match your style.
✔ Fight & strategically use items and power-ups during LIVE battles against other players with fully animated battle sequences. Don't just "instantly win or lose" (how lame!).
✔ Deck out your pet with a slew of original weapons, armor, and accessories that dramatically improve its strengths in and out of battle. New items added weekly!
✔ Play with your friends via Facebook & Twitter integration.
✔ Play with your pet using the animated home screen.
✔ Unlock Achievements that show how you've conquered Epic Pet Wars inside and out.
✔ Compete against thousands that span the iPhone/iPod Touch, epicpetwars.com, Facebook, & Twitter. All networks are interlinked!
✔ Top Rankings for the best players allow you to take down the leaders and destroy their ranking and steal their cash.
✔ Interact and chat with other players via our instant comment system and get notified in real-time of new messages. Send mass messages to your entire posse to organize an assault!
✔ Invite friends into your Posse and become a stronger fighter and train more efficiently through e-mail, friend codes, Facebook, and more.
✔ Your Newsfeed keeps up-to-the-minute info of all the latest events that have happened to your pets.
✔ Months of action, deep and vibrant gameplay with new features, animal races, items, and achievements added all the time.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

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