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Fritz Chess v1.0

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Fritz Chess v1.0 |
These words were said by the World Champion Vladimir Kramnik. Fritz beat him on 2006. As well, Fritz has beaten other chess master players as the legendary Garry Kasparov.And now the version of Fritz Chess for iPhone and iPod Touch is finally available! This edition of Fritz Chess invites you to discover a new way to understand the most traditional worldwide board game. Considered for a lot of people as an art, a science or even a psychic sport, the chess you will discover in Fritz Chess is all this and lots more. However, its main feature is that it is a funny and exciting game easy to learn, but difficult to dominate.

Main features:

- Strongest chess engine on the appstore
- Spectacular UI
- Intuitive and very easy to use
- Fully configurable exclusive fritz help system
- Review mode during a game
- Infinite analysis with memory function
- Board setup feature
- Send games via email
- Fritz behaviour configuration
- "Shake to undo move" feature
- Drag & drop and tap-tap piece movement
- Different chess boards and music
- 2 players mode on the same iphone
- 2 players board autoflip mode
- Fully configurable Blitz, Long and Without Clock game modes
- Openings book with great variety of movements and integrated monitoring
- Load/Save game with WYSIWYG interface
- Autosave system

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later

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