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Quick Shot - Facebook Support v1.0.4

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Quick Shot - Facebook Support v1.0.4 |
Quick Shot is the most comprehensive camera application. Take a look and decide for yourself.

Don't miss out on that perfect shot ever again! Don't fumble for the tiny shutter button on your iPhone anymore! With Quick Shot you can tap anywhere on the screen to take your photo! You'll be able to take photos faster and with less blur.

Facebook Support
Putting photos on Facebook can be a complicated process that takes several steps. With Quick Shot it's as easy as taking a photo. Quick Shot can automatically upload photos to your Facebook account when you save them to your camera roll. Or you can choose to manually upload only the photos you want, write descriptions for them, choose which albums they go in, and even create new albums all from within Quick Shot!

Steady Shot
Fans of Night Camera will love Quick Shot's similar steady shot feature. With a low, normal, and high sensitivity setting you can find what works best for you.

Image Effects
Everyone has experienced their iPhone photos looking washed out or not being bright enough. Quick Shot fixes it by letting you set the brightness level to whatever you want. Want to see that photo in black and white? Sepia tone? Use Quick Shot to apply effects to your images.

These are quotes from real Quick Shot users.

"Having the ability to utilize the entire screen as a shutter release is one of the most useful features of Quick Shot."

"...improves the stability of the picture by seemingly being able to get rid of blurring..."

"I can see absolutely no reason why Apple didn't include the features and functionality of Quick Shot in their camera app."

* Tap Anywhere to take a photo
* Upload photos directly to Facebook
* Live Preview fills the entire screen
* Steady Shot assist (like Night Camera)
* Photo Timer
* Image Effects (Black and White, Brightness, more...)
* Rule of Thirds - Take better photos using this simple secret of the pros.
* Choose Auto or Manual Save
* Save to Camera Roll

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