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Photo Secure 1.0

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Photo Secure v1.0 |
Tired of worrying about who you let borrow your iPhone, or iPod Touch, well this is not a problem anymore. With Photo Secure you can easily backup you unsecured photos from your Photo Library to Photo Secures password protected database. At another time you can quickly and easily load Photo Secure and review your secure photos.

- Thumbnail Display of Secured Photos
- Easily view your photos with Photo Secures Built in Photo Viewer
- With pinch and zoom
- Auto name feature allows you to quickly add photos to your secure photo library
- Your photos are named with a date stamp, or disabling Auto name allows you to enter a custom name.
- Quickly restore your All photos in your Secure Photo Database back to your unsecured Photo Library to sync with your MAC or PC.
- Also you can restore a single photo at a time

If you happen to forget your Photo Secure password, their is a built in password recovery. You can either set up a secure password recovery question and answer. Or if you forgot to set this up you can still reset photo Secure by selecting "Forgot Password" and then following the prompts to reset Photo Secure. WARNING this will remove all secure photos from your Photo Secure database. So it is highly recommended that you set up password recovery. The reason we do this is so you do not loose your application is you forget the password, but we don't want people to be able to get around your password and look at your Photo Secure database without your permission.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

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