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iOutBank v1.8.82

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iOutBank v1.8.82 |
OutBank: Since 2005 the best mobile banking application for Symbian OS. Finally available for your iPhone!

After you have installed the application on your iPhone or iPod Touch, iOutBank allows you to manage your accounts from different (german) banks very easily and securely via your mobile phone (Mobilebanking). Based on the accredited German safety standards HBCI and FinTS your encoded account data will be transmitted between your bank or your thrift institution and your iPhone. All information is transmitted using a secure internet encryption (SSL/HTTPS). In addition, there is no third-party component (e.g. a proxy) in between, meaning your financial information is safe. That also means that the transmitting volume and the duration will be reduced to a minimum.

Thus, onlinebanking with iOutBank is to a considerable degree less expensive and in addition significantly more convenient than other known mobile banking solutions.

The amount of data that incurred will be minimal – for example, an inquiry of your account balance requires only about 10 Kbyte.

All of the data will be saved locally in a password protected database so that you have an offline insight in your retrieved account data.

+++ Features +++
(Please note, that not all features are supported by each bank.)
* FinTS/HBCI-Support for about 3000 german banks and thrift institutions
* Automatic account setup (smart online synchronisation)
* Multicurrency capabilities - support for HBCI-currency accounts
* Transaction inquiry (booked and expected transactions)
* Supports FinTS/HBCI (v2.10, v2.20, v3.00)
* Single payment and direct debit transactions
* Contacts database
* Local passwort protected database
* GlobalUpdate – update all your accouts with one single "touch"
* SingleSignOn – one PIN for all your accounts. For every HBCI-access the banking PIN can be saved optional
* AutoLockOut – OutBank is blocked automatically in case of user inactivity/device lock
* Individuell reordering of bankaccounts
* And we offer free 1st class support!
* And much more...

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

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