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Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards v1.1

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Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards v1.1 |
Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards provide a concise, portable, and comprehensive survey of high-yield pharmacology content for course and USMLE Step 1 review. This application offers two modes: drug index mode for quick review of pertinent information about a drug, and flash card mode for customizable study of details about each drug.

Features include:

• Unique flash card interface enables fast navigation through card sets

• Customizable flash card mode

• “Bookmark” feature to bookmark important cards

• Categorization of diseases for quick reference

• Shuffle mode for quick study

• Search functionality to find specific terms

• Ability to add personalized notes to each card

In the drug index mode, introductory cards in each chapter describe the basic principles of that particular drug class that are board relevant and high yield. Each drug-specific card provides a structured presentation of a drug and allows students to compare and contrast drugs. Each card contains a clinical vignette and important characteristics. These characteristics are organized into sections entitled Mechanism of Action, Clinical Uses, and Side Effects. High-yield information on certain drug-drug interactions or routes of administration is also included.

In the customizable flash card mode, users can choose all aspects of each disease or choose which specific aspects they’d like to study: vignette, similar drugs, mechanism of action, clinical uses, side effects, annotations, and other details. The flash card mode also features a shuffle mode for quick review. With the ability to bookmark cards, add notes, and shuffle cards, Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards offer multiple ways to learn pharmacology.

Content includes:

• Concise and complete coverage of all major drug types and associated processes and principles—more than 150 drugs

• Key facts on drug mechanisms, similar drugs, mechanisms of action, clinical usage, and side effects

• Clinical vignettes

• Concise yet complete coverage of pharmacology

• Content created by medical students for medical students


• Antimicrobial Agents

• Adrenergic Agents

• Cholinergic Agents

• Central Nervous System Agents

• Cardiovascular Agents

• Hematologic Agents

• Endocrine and Metabolic Agents

• Gastrointestinal Agents

• Anti-Neoplastic Agents

• Anti-Inflammatory Agents

• General Pharmacology Principles and Miscellaneous Agents


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What's new in Version 1.1
- State-saving feature launches app at the same point where the user last left off.
- Increased flash card swipe area for a more responsive user interface.
- Corrected entry for Propanolol (thanks to TC and TM).

Requirement: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later.

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