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Amazing Sudoku v1.2

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Amazing Sudoku v1.2 |
We are proud to bring you Amazing Sudoku on your iPhone.
Classical Sudoku is played by millions of people across the world.

You will not only find Amazing Sudoku challenging, but its cool graphics and game experience would want you to play this game over and over again!

The main features of Amazing Sudoku are:

- Two flavors of Sudoku – Classic or Magic Sudoku with 3 levels of complexity in each mode.

- Infinite number of levels with unique solution.

- Online ratings systems lets you find how you are doing in respect to other Sudoku players.
Your rating goes up if you solve more puzzles with higher difficulty level.

- Excellent quality of images and graphics which are aligned with classic tones generally found in Japanese paintings.
Saturated red, violet and purple tones create a wonderful world of mystery and numbers.

- Incoming calls, SMS and other alerts can be received during the game. The game returns to its current state after the user has ended the call.

- With our superb help feature, you can easily learn to play if you have not played this game before. Our help content describes strategies and tricks using those you will be able to solve even hard puzzles.

- Other features such as: Hints, Timer, Help, Undo & Redo functions, Statistics, Replays.

We believe that Amazing Sudoku will give you a pleasant experience in a mind challenging game environment. Please provide us feedback on this game and visit our website for other new exciting products coming to your iPhone.

Requirement:Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.

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