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Attractor v1.9

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Attractor v1.9 |
Attractor is an advanced Dynamic Binaural Wave Generator combining the technology of expensive Light and Sound Mind Machines with an intelligent Messaging System in an attempt to incubate your 'own' suggestions into your subconsciousness.


The challenge we face in manifesting our desires is that our thoughts are filtered out or given strength by our subconscious beliefs, which is the root cause of everything we experience in our lives. You may have tried affirmations in the past but they simply do not work since they are practiced on the conscious plane. There is a state of consciousness called the 'hypnagogic' state, the point we cross just before we fall asleep, which the ancient shamans called the gateway to the soul or subconsciousness. Attractor aims at taking your mind to this state and 'maintain' you there for your recorded suggestions to take effect. With practice, your thoughts will vibrate in sync with your belief system and ultimately attract its match in reality.


● Custom adjustable and dynamic Start and Target Binaural Wave Generator from 1Hz to 34Hz to entrain your mind
● Visual strobe in SYNC with changing frequency waves
● Voice recording of messages for subconscious incubation
● 4 essential Entrainment Modes: wake up, meditate, maintain and sleep.
● 4 Ambient sounds: Ocean, Rain, Night and Desert
● Save multiple system states and recordings as Presets
● Audio Mixer for adjusting individual volume for each audio layer
● Real time monitoring of frequency changes
● Session timing


● Self-Hypnosis
● Meditation
● Self Empowerment
● Relaxation, Lucid Dreams and Sleep
● Release negative emotions
● Break Habits such as smoking, drinking and over-eating
● Use your mind to help your body heal
● Attract 'anything' you want

Requirement: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later.

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