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iLava (Virtual Lava Lamp) v1.3.1

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iLava (Virtual Lava Lamp) v1.3.1 |
Turn up the music and chill out with this groovy, state-of-the-art, interactive lava lamp simulation. Realistic 3D blobs rise and fall, merge and split, bounce and wobble. Impress your friends by being the first to own a convenient, pocket-sized lavalamp. You can tilt it, shake it, push blobs together and pull them apart, inject heat with your fingers, or just stand it up, watch, and relax.

This is NOT a movie or a cheap graphics trick; this is a full-fledged interactive physical simulation rendered in 3D with proprietary, hyper-optimized, real-time isosurface technology adapted for the iPhone platform so that everyday users can share the joy of interacting with soothing, groovy lava.


- Responds to multi-touch swipes and holds.
- Uses accelerometer and responds to orientation and shaking.
- Heat source can be turned on/off.
- Six different lava colors to choose from, plus Valentine's Day mode with heart-shaped lava blobs.
- Cool sound effects
- Allows playing of background music from iTunes.
- Automatically saves lava state when app is closed.
- Renders realistic lava in 3D using proprietary isosurface extraction algorithm.
- Includes orientation-dependent lighting and reflection effects.
- Uses amazing "glowing lava" effect for heated lava.
- Advanced fluid physics algorithms simulate liquid motion.
- Blobs rise and fall based on heat and orientation.
- Blobs merge and separate based on forces and surface tension.
- Blobs can be heated manually, or automatically by the heat source at the bottom.

Requirement: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later.

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