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Fake Call Locations v1.0

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Fake Call Locations v1.0 |
For all those times you need to answer your phone (or make a call) and need to seriously fake your location...

This premium app will play ultra realistic background sounds which will fool your caller into thinking you are in that background's location.

We take faking your location seriously. That's why this app comes with 15 high quality realistic background sounds, all recorded with the utmost accuracy to ensure the caller believes you.

AND If one of those locations doesn't suit your need..... You also have the ability to RECORD 5 of your own custom background sounds! A function which makes it worth the price alone!


+Easy to use design

+15 High Quality Ultra Realistic background sounds (House Party, Busy Street, Traffic Jam, Sports Event, Church, Night Club, Retail Store, Bar/Pub, Casino, Airport, Office Meeting, Bad Connection, Thunder Storm, Baby Crying, Doctor's Waiting Room)

+RECORD up to 5 of your own custom background sounds! (available for iPhone only)

+Background sounds play automatically upon launch

+Use it to make calls, and to receive calls

+Need to help a friend? Turn on the app and hold it up to your friends phone as they make a call!

Requirement: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later.

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