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WifiTrak (Find FREE WiFi) v2.6

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WifiTrak (Find FREE WiFi) v2.6 |
WifiTrak helps you find FREE and open WiFi hotspots and public access points quickly and easily.

WifiTrak scans for all available WiFi devices and networks in the area and tests each network it finds for usability. It shows a list of the Wifi networks sorted from most useable (open, not redirected, strongest signal) to least useable (secured or hidden, weak signal). It can automatically notify and launch mail, a browser, or another application when it finds a suitable network.

* Simple, standard user interface
* Network list sorted from best to worst
* Automatic redirection detection
* Automatic scanner/adjustable scan time
* Ability to set minimum strength
* Choice of notification sounds
* Optional automatic connection action:
Connect and exit
Connect and Launch Safari
Connect and Launch Mail
Connect and Launch URL
* Detail display with:
MAC Address
Signal Strength (RSSI)
Authentication (WEP/WPA/WPA2)

What's new in Version 2.6
3.0 Compatibility
Minor translation corrections

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