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Telegenic v1.0

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Telegenic v1.0 |
All cameras in this app are 100% live, there are no pre-recorded playbacks. The app contains many pre-installed open cameras for you to enjoy around the world. Add your own cameras and/or enjoy the dozens of free cameras ready for you to spy on.

Telegenic gives you the ability to check up on LIVE streaming cameras all over the world. Most web cams use Motion JPEG streams for internet broadcasting. Just type in the address of any web camera on the net and spy on LIVE people. Lots of building tops, street intersections, and even office buildings have web cameras ready for you to watch.

iPod Touch or iPhone will display realtime LIVE motion video from any Motion JPEG webcam.

Unlike other apps Telegenic does not require any other applications to run. No need for a server application or any other computer equipment.

* Enter the IP address of a Motion JPEG web camera
* Click on [live video] and enjoy

Also supports still image picture JPEGs from a web camera

* Enter the IP address of a JPEG web camera
* Click on [take picture] and it will be displayed

This application comes with the addresses of some currently active network cameras ready to display. You can add your own web cameras to the list and grab some addresses off of the Internet.

In portrait view the image is scaled to fit the width of your display, while rotating the device in landscape view will give you a larger viewing area and display the image in it's native resolution.

Many updates and added features to come. Please email me if you have any problems or would like to request new features. I'm happy to help out any special needs you may have.

This application was tested on many cameras and the one that I liked best was by TrendNet. They have wireless IP network cameras that require only a power cord. This eliminates the need for a wired network.

Imagine live surveillance of your home or business from any where in the world right in your pocket.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation) Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

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