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Interest Calculator Pro v1.0

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Interest Calculator Pro v1.0 |
A superflexible interest calculator: your perfect personal finance companion!

Not only this calculator allows to set all kinds of interest settings, but it allows you to do all sort of calculations regarding interests:

♦ Calculate the final amount

♦ Calculate when a certain amount can be reached given a certain interest rate

♦ Calculate which rate is necessary to reach a certain amount in a certain time frame

♦ Calculate how the impact of inflation affects your plans

♦ You can either calculate the final amount, or the principal, or the interest rate, or the start date, or the end date of your investment!

It supports:

- simple, compound and continuous interest
- simple, compound or continuous capitalization
- taxes on interest evaluation
- fixed or yearly variable interest rates
- civil year, commercial year or mixed convention

♦ The application allows you to evaluate the impact of inflation on the interests, thus you can calculate the real final amount, net of inflation, and the real interest rate! You can set a fixed inflation rate or yearly variable inflation rates; you can also import past yearly inflation rates for a lot of countries all over the world; US and UK rates range from 1900 to today!

♦ The application also features a practical summary view, showing you an year over year view of your interest plan.

♦ You can save your plan, or load from some interesting prebuilt ones.

♦ The application includes a practical and flexible percentage calculator (like the interest calculator, it let you set any of the elements of the percentage equation as the unknown; plus, it let you easily evaluate discounts and growth performance).

♦ An on line help is provided in the app, but it is currently only available in english. The app is localized in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

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