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iSaveWeb v1.0

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iSaveWeb v1.0 |
Save your favorite websites to your iPhone or iPod touch.

iSaveWeb gives you instant access to downloaded web pages at any time, no Internet connection is needed. With iSaveWeb you don't need anymore to bookmark pages you like, just save them to your device and view them offline. Saved pages can be located by date, domain name, title or Url.

The app saves one page at a time and each page is saved with all shown images, JavaScript and CSS files.

iSaveWeb can store public Internet web sites, as well as sites that require users to login. The information is stored directly on your device.

Pages can be saved either from iSaveWeb, or directly from your device Safari browser (when using special Safari bookmark, contact support for more information).

Use iSaveWeb to store your favorite web sites, online books, news, pictures, study materials - everything you can see in your browser.

Users of Instapaper and other "read it later" apps might be interested in iSaveWeb because it offers the following major advantages:

- iSaveWeb stores pages directly on your device, not on somebody's server. This will insure protection for your browsing privacy and sensitive information found on saved pages.

- This app can save pages that require users to login.

- Every time you sync your iPhone or iPod touch, iTunes will make a backup copy of your downloaded pages. So, you can be sure that your downloaded information won’t be lost.

- You don't need to remember to download pages from a server before reading them, the pages are always with you, on your device.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

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