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VoiceKeyboard v2.0.1

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VoiceKeyboard v2.0.1 |
Voicekeyboard is a musical keyboard that has flexible memory, allowing you to keep adding or removing your own recorded sounds in and out at any time. You are not stuck with the "stock" set of sounds that come with it. Just record the sound you want into it and play away! Record anything you think sounds good then turn it into something musical and creative.

For example, record and play:
- singing / vocals
- instruments
- animal sounds
- friends and coworkers
- sound FX
- sound clips from movies / music.


• Web Sharing
Upload and download recorded samples to and from VoiceKeyboard with your home computer

• 30-Note Polyphony
Play complex 5-note chords, 30 high-quality uncompressed (48.0k 16 bit) samples can play concurrently.

• Sound Modes:
The Timeshifting (or Timestretching) option allows simultaneously played notes to be in sync and the same duration, making the samples sound harmonious and musical when played together.

• Automatic Sample Trimming
This version automatically recognizes and removes the silence or "dead air" at the beginning and end of the recorded sample, making the keyboard very responsive.

• Audio Normalization
Normalization increases the loudness of your recordings to a maximum level without introducing any new distortion.

• Sustain and Looping
Control how the recorded samples are looped and sustained, when played on the keyboard.

• Fully Animated Keyboard
• Save, Load, Preview, and Delete Samples
• Pattern Playback feature with tempo adjustment
• No Ads

Requirement: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation). Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

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