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Dactyl 2 v1.1

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Dactyl 2 v1.1 |
A fast-paced test of your dexterity...a bigger, meaner version of the original Dactyl.

- Multiple levels add new twists. With each theme comes a unique challenge.
- An EXPERT difficulty, for those who found the original Dactyl too easy
- Global high scores--compare your score with those from around the world.
- The original Dactyl level (Level 1) without the touch-sensitive background

Also available:
* Dactyl
* Dactyl School

What's new in Version 1.1
Bug fixes:
* Level 5 is now working properly
* Level 4 EXPERT mode is no longer impossible
* No more bombs being lit while game is over.
* Improved interface with the high scores repository

Requirement: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later.

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