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Unequal Maniak v1.0

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Unequal Maniak v1.0 |
UnequalManiak is a logic puzzle (aka 'Futoshiki') where the objective is to place the numbers 1 to 5 (or whatever the dimensions are) such that each row, and column contains each of the digits 1 to 5. Some digits may be given at the start. In addition, inequality constraints are also initially specifed between some of the squares, such that one must be higher or lower than its neighbour. These constraints must be honoured as the grid is filled out.

Play (locally) an unlimited number of puzzles (generated on the fly) over 18 levels of difficulty and *Bonus Feature*, like in all other PuzzleManiak games, challenge other players by downloading everyday an unique puzzle and compare your score to other ones.

Features :

- Puzzles are generated on the fly, so you'll never play twice the same.

- Puzzles have unique solution.

- 18 levels of difficulty

- Save / restore current game automatically

- 10 best scores of each level saved locally

- Web Challenge: challenge all other players everyday

And don't forget, UnequalManiak: It's Demoniak!

What's new in Version 1.0
- New user interface
- New gameplay: hold your finger to enter a clue

Requirement: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later.

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