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ZOOZ Control Pro v1.0

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ZOOZ Control Pro v1.0 |
ZOOZ Control Pro transforms your phone into a wireless gesture-base controller for your PC games.

With ZOOZ Control free host application (www.zoozcontrol.com) running on your PC, ZooZ Control Pro will transform your iPhone/iPod Touch into a gesture driven game controller for your PC games.

Create new presets for your favorite games. Map gestures, buttons, sliders and the pointer to game commands and functions. Enter explanatory text, which will automatically appear on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

You can then move your phone to control the game or use the on-screen buttons, sliders, and pointers. Feel your phone vibrate in your hand in response to the game.

ZOOZ Control Features:
* Automatic WIFI connectivity
* Motion sensing
* Remote joystick, keyboard and mouse control
* Force Feedback (iPhone only)

In addition to selecting between two pre-programed game presets (Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Need For Speed: ProStreet) ZooZ Control Pro allows to create, save and edit an unlimited number of customizable game presets!

* Windows XP/Vista (32-bit)
* WIFI router

Requirement: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later.

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