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Railroad Puzzle v1.14

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Railroad Puzzle v1.14 |
Enjoy this fun but challenging railroad puzzle game!

Railroad Puzzle is a game where you have to connect different shaped railroad pieces spread over the screen in order to make a clear track for your train to get to the terminal station. If you like the classic game "Pipe Dream", then you will enjoy this game too!

* Layouts are randomly generated each time so the game is different every time you play.

How to Play:

- Touch once to rotate a puzzle piece.
- Swipe to slide one or more puzzle pieces.

Game Rules:

- Make sure you pick up all items on the tracks.
- Get to the terminal station before running out of coal.


- Use tunnels as shortcuts. You magically transfer between them!
- Use traffic signals to stop your train. You get 10 seconds to move puzzle pieces without using up any coal.
- Once you have a clear track to the terminal station, touch and hold the black engine at the bottom-right of the screen and your train will run faster.
- During gameplay, shake your iPhone/iPod Touch to shuffle the puzzle pieces if the game is at stake or just for fun!

Requirement: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later.

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