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Big Bad Sudoku Book v2.2

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Big Bad Sudoku Book v2.2 |
The "Best Sudoku Game on ANY platform" and a top downloaded app for the iPad comes to the iPhone! Now a Game Center game.

The #1 most download iPad app (weekend of April 25th).
Has been recently featured in What's Hot, New and Noteworthy, and in Game Center Games.

"If Apple made a sudoku game I think it would look like this" - Dytavio

"The whole look is perfect... This is the best sudoku interface of the five sudoku apps I have downloaded. I suspect the rest will be removed from my iPad" - GrayerBeard

Sudoku Book is a magical sudoku puzzle book that comes alive beneath your fingertips. It was created exclusively for the Apple iPad to have the look and feel of a physical ancient sudoku book and now it's available for the iPhone. Buy one app and install it on all of your iOS devices.

For any technical issues please check out our support forum, read the new users guide, or feel free to email the developer directly at michael@badweaselgames.com.

Awesome New Features in version 2.x:

New Social Gaming feature offers competitive play. Share puzzles by sending them in emails, text messages, or by posting them on Facebook. Automatically finds puzzles that your Facebook friends have posted. Play their puzzles and try to beat their score.

New puzzle scoring adds an arcade game feel to sudoku and provides a metric for challenges. Now there are two parts to the puzzle, how to solve it and how to get a higher score.

New difficulty levels definitions provide games that are consistently Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, or Insane. New puzzles can be chosen visually from either the random or pattern generator. All puzzled are guaranteed to be solvable without guessing, although harder puzzles require some advanced solving techniques.

New Campaign Mode has 50 preset puzzles that span all 5 difficulty ratings. Play one to unlock the next one. See how high of a score you can get by completing all 50.

New game options provide lots of playing flexibility. The iPad now has either the original Round "Pen" or a new square one. The iPhone has two "Pen" sizes, a single line small one or a larger two line version.

Now marks options allow you to copy the true marks to your marks so you can start reducing candidates.

Too many more features to list.

Same Great 1.0 Features:

Highlights are a revolutionary and exclusive way to see and solve sudoku puzzles. With highlights you can softly highlight cells, rows, or columns with the gesture of a finger. They help focus your attention and narrow down possibilities. You can use highlights to temporarily mark positives or negatives.

- Swipe into a row to highlight the whole row, or swipe into a column to highlight the whole column.
- Press and hold on a number to highlight all occurrences of that number.
- Press and hold again to highlight all rows, columns and blocks for all of those occurrences.
- 'Draw' on the board to highlight cells.
- Tap off the board to clear all highlights.
- Rub on a previous answer to wipe it out and remove it (iPad Only)

Get Hint offers clues to help solve your puzzle without actually giving away the answer. It might direct you to a cell and tell you your answer is incorrect. Or it might highlight an empty cell and tell you that a 'Single' or a 'Hidden Single' can be found there.

What's new in Version 2.2
Full support for iOS4.2 including Game Center and background tasking on the iPad.

Now supports/allows background audio - play internet radio apps, soma fm via safari, or ipod music while playing the game

Requirement: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

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