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Space Trader 1.1

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Space Trader v1.1 | Download

Trade between 45 planets in this intergalactic galaxy. Watch out for cops and pirates! There is virtually unlimited upgrades!!! You will need attack and defend points, to have successful battles with enemy ships. Your shields will also need to be maintained, to keep from hull damage. When trading, you start with 50 cargo bays, more cargo bays will have to be purchased to trade with greater profit. When traveling, you will also want to buy more fuel containers to travel further and not have to purchase gas as often. 13 ships are available to buy when funds become adequate. Each ship comes with a faster engine plus larger max cargo and fuel add-ons.

Never get tired of playing, endless re-playability!!!

Global High Score Chart Holds 1000 Top Score List.
World wide competition.

When game exits, game automatically saves for future resuming.
- just press the [home button] to exit
or from the game menu press save game, both options will save your game.


• (45) Planet to Planet exploration with trading
• (13) Ships to upgrade
• Buy entire planets making even more profit (conquer the solar system)
• Shield, Fuel, Cargo, Ship, Attack and Defend, Eco Upgrades
• Most Earned Funds Main Page
• Global High Score Chart (compete with the world) !!!
• Cool Sounds and Graphics
• Never play in the same universe
• Save Game Progress Anytime
(auto save when game is interrupted)
• In game sound control

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

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