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SkyFighter 1.1

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SkyFighter v1.1 | Download
The faster you shoot bogies the faster they fly in. To get a real high score, use your missiles and try to fly higher on the screen to shoot them down faster.

Take to the skies in a F14 fighter. SkyFighter is a top down shooter with great controls, that make the game highly addictive.

Use the button on the bottom left to fire Missiles. Missiles are highly explosive and blow up enemies in a large area.

Use the button on the bottom right to fire guns. Guns fire rapidly but are not very effective against Bombers. You can hold the Gun button for continuous fire.

Click on the Atomic button for a bomb that will blow all the enemies on the screen!

Collect ammo, shields, missiles, and wingmen powerups to improve your score. PowerUps are always helpful, so collect all you can.


- Great Tilt Control
- Fast continuous framerate
- play iPod music in-game (full version)
- Global High Scores (full version)
- Save and continue
- Music from Kevin MacLeod amd Jimmy G
- High speed action
- No maximum level! Endless fun.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

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