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Groups 1.1

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Groups v1.1 | Download
Groups is an wonderful app that lets you drag and drop contacts to different group names in the iPhone. The App Store app lets you manage your contacts effortlessly and syncs with your Address book and the phone.app.

1. Create, rename, delete, sort, color, hide and navigate contact groups – all in a single view!

2. Drag & Drop single / multiple contacts into groups. To start dragging just Tap and hold on a Contact.

3. Send Mass Email to any Group. Mail Groups with individually set To, Cc and Bcc selections (Bcc, Cc options available for firmware 2.2 and above)

4. Send Mass Email to only a subset of a selected Group. Simply perform a search and filter on contacts you wish to email.

5. Dial, SMS, Email and visit URL/Map Locations of individual contacts by tapping on their name for quick dialing.

6. Use the built-in smart Dial Pad to make quick calls and quickly filter on matched contacts while you dial.

7. Trash, delete and preserve contacts by dragging them to the ‘Trash’ Group. This would delete the contact permanently from the iPhone/iPod touch and then from your Computer when Synced or Pushed but will allow you to drag these back to normal groups, and thus restore them at a later point, unless you empty the Trash.

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