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Speedcams v3.2

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Speedcams v3.2 |
Safe yourself a speeding ticket!

Meet Speedcams an application that makes you aware of the location of a speed cams and/or speed traps in your proximity.

There's nothing worse than having a relaxing drive and not noticing you've been driving slightly too fast, just to be treated to a fine a few weeks later! By using GPS positioning Speedcams will give you a signal when you need to watch your speed, because of an upcoming speed cam or speed trap.

As of version 3.0 you have the possibility of receiving PUSH messages for live speed traps, based on a selection of roads or routes you've made. Routes can pass through multiple countries and are not limited by freeways only, ALL roads (including those within cities) will be reported through PUSH! It's entirely up to you to decided on which days and at what times you want to receive PUSH messages, this is definable per road/route. As an example you could setup a work-home route that will only send you PUSH messages during workdays on times that you're typically on the road!

Our database has over 20.000 speedcams located throughout Europe and hundreds of speed traps reported WORLDWIDE every day by our users!

What is new?
-Dutch radar list added in separate tab.

Requirement: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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