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Axion v1.2.0

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Axion v1.2.0 |
Axion is a hack & slash RPG with beautifully hand-drawn graphics. In this game, the lion’s share is given to non-stop action!
Customize your combos in the step-by-step combo editor, create various pets out of equipment items, strengthen and add new capabilities to your weapons…
There are countless ways to enjoy this RPG and make your character evolve.
Even after choosing among the 4 available character profiles, you continue to make the fundamental choices regarding your character’s evolution. Mainly, you’ll have to determine whether you want to rely more on brute force or magic, ranged or melee attacks, etc.
As you’ll play you will notice that the game has much more depth to it than it looks at first. You’ll have to adapt your strategy to the type of enemy and swap between ranged, melee and magic attacks.
There is no single good way to develop your character. You can well be ultra offensive and concentrate on brute force with your first character and focus on magic powers with your second one.
There are also several possibilities of improvement of all your equipment parts and gathering equipment sets will grant you greatly increased powers.

===========HOW TO PLAY===========

Here are a few tips to avoid mistakes at first play.
- Potions: be sure to keep potions with you! If you don’t have any in your ITEM inventory, make sure you stop by the Town shop to purchase some. You can use potion by opening the menu in game.
You can also allot a potion to a quick slot in order to use it directly in the middle of the action.
- Skills: skills include strong attacks or temporary boosts (active skills) and permanent effects (passive skills). Choose your skills wisely: some are more useful than others depending on the situation and your strategy.
Note: active skills all have a cooling time during which you have to wait before reactivating the skill.
Shared cooling time: Some skills share their cooling time (using one will reboot the cooling time of other similar skills).
- Monsters: all monsters have their strengths and weaknesses. In some cases, it might be better to use your crossbow or a special skill rather than your sword…
- Equipments: equipments can be upgraded in many ways. Visit the merchants to find out more about it.

What is new?
-Hey Axion fans, we paid attention to your comments and modified the UI for better positioning of the controls and increased visibility of the action.
-fixed the iPhone 4 frame rate issue!
-fixed story flow bugs.
-added the possibility of in-app purchase for Revival Stones (in General Goods Stores).
-added Redemption: a non-inventory item to revive your character.

Requirement: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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