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Thief Alert : Burglar Alarm v3.1

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Thief Alert : Burglar Alarm v3.1 |
Thief Alert alerts you if someone is trying to steal your iPhone. Before you leave your desk / cube at work, just enable the Thief Alert app, and if anyone lifts or tries to steal your iPhone, it immediately detects the movement and the alarm goes off.



This not only surprises the person who is trying to steal it, but also alerts nearby people. Just like a car alarm. If you are nearby, you can run back at the alarm. The Thief Alert app uses the inbuilt accelerometer to detect movement and the alarm goes off for 5 seconds EVERY TIME it detects significant movement.

NOW PRESSING HOME WILL NOT STOP THE APP. Every few seconds, the alarm sound will play till you DE-ACTIVATE ALARM WITH SECRET PASSCODE which only you will know.

NOW SET ANY PICTURE from your picture gallery as the background ! Alternatively choose from a preselected set of background images.

A nice deterrent for sure and definitely worth a try ! If you like it, tell everyone. If you do not like it, please tell us and we will include your feedback in our next update.

Few points:
1) The app disables auto-lock. So it will work even if the iPhone is left alone for a long time.

2) The alarm is 5 seconds by design. It is fired every time motion is detected. So if someone is lifting it and running away, it will continuously alert you.

3) Pressing the home button will NOT stop the app.

4) In the version 1.1 update, various settings were added.
a) Set a delay before the motion detection starts. So you get time to place your iPhone before the detection starts.

b) As the auto-lock is disabled at the start, few were concerned about the thief getting access to your data without the password lock. Now you can enable the feature where at the first alarm / movement detection, the idle timer is started again. So if your screen saver / auto lock was set to 1 minute, in a minute, the screen will lock (configured from iPhone settings). So by the time the thief gets to access your phone/ iPod, the password lock would kick in. (thanks for the review).

5) If technically possible and useful, requested features will be added in newer updates. So thank you once again for the support.

Thank you USA, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan for buying in high numbers !

Please contact info@nuvus.com if you have any suggestions.

What's new in Version 3.1
Bug fixes

Requirement: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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