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Car Care v1.25

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Car Care v1.25 |
"Car Care offers a ton of additional features, including financial reporting, service reminders, and mileage tracking by fuel grade." -- Rob Griffiths, Macworld.com

Car Care 1.30 adds many user interface improvements, a "reset" function when you forget to enter gas fills, date filtering for fuel economy and price graphs, and full map integration allowing you to see where on Earth your services and fuel fills were performed. If something's wrong, you can move it around on the map, too!

Car Care 1.30:

* tracks multiple automobiles of any make or model - no upper limit on the number of autos
* calculates fuel economy using miles, kilometers, liters, or gallons
* reports fuel economy in MPG, L/100 km, MPG (UK), and Km/L
* presents graphs of your data
* provides detailed statistics, including a breakdown of how different fuel types are performing on a fuel economy basis

Simply enter your odometer reading to start calculating your fuel economy.

Car Care also reminds you when to perform any scheduled maintenance action to help your automobile achieve its best driving performance. Easy to read reminders make sure you do not forget about your automobile's health. The app icon lets you know how many service entries are due.

Eliminate paper clutter in your life and let your iPhone take care of your vehicle's health! The iPhone will act as a little storage cubby for all your automobile's maintenance data, whether you drive a pickup truck, car, semi, motorcycle/motorbike, Ford, Toyota, Dodge, Chevy, Prius, BMW, Mustang, or any other auto.

Usability note: delete entries or autos by swiping your finger from left to right on the auto or entry in the list, then tapping "Delete."

What's new in Version 1.25
*** Upgrade ONLY if using iPhone OS 3.x - otherwise, please wait until the next version to upgrade. ***

• Map integration - view all your vehicle's gas fills and service items on a single map, inside Car Care
• E-mail attachments: E-mail export now attaches a .txt file to an email, securing the integrity of your data
• Fuel and price graphs now filterable by date: 1 week, 1 month, and more
• Reset fuel economy option - useful for when a gas fill is forgot to be put in Car Care
• Reordering of vehicles on main auto screen
• Better instructions for new users
• Bug fixes

Requirement: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later.

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