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Vomit 1.1

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Vomit v1.1 | Download

Just hold your iPhone/iPod up to your mouth and it will look like vomit is coming out! Hurl, barf and heave your guts without any of the social or physical side effects!

- Vomit streams out of the phone/ipod giving the illusion that puke is coming directly out of your mouth!
- Choose from different types of vomit.
- Create your own vomit! Take a picture of something you want to throw up, or use existing pictures from your photo library!
- Vary the speed of the vomit to enhance the repelling nature of this app.

- iPhone: Just hold the sound input end up to your mouth and make gut-wrenching sounds.
- iPod Touch: Hold the iPod up to your mouth and shake the iPod slightly.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later

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